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25 of the Most Festive Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

If you love Christmas science experiments, this is the list for you! Kids will have a blast completing these Christmas science projects.

One of my biggest passions is bringing “boring” subjects like science and math to life for kids like we do in these Christmas science projects!

When I was a child, I HATED those subjects and would have rather written 1000 papers over doing one science project.

But when my daughter was born, she was really into science. She didn’t get that from me.

But through her, I realized that STEM activities can be fun.

Now for every holiday, we complete different STEM challenges and science experiments that fit that holiday and theme and have amassed over 25 Christmas STEM challenge ideas to try.

These are the best Christmas science experiments for kids that will keep them loving science the entire Christmas season. Make science fun again! #stemed #sterm #handsonlearning #chrsitmasactivities

Today, I’ve gathered some of my favorite Christmas science experiments that you can do in the classroom or at home with the little science lovers in your house.

And I don’t believe there is a child who doesn’t like science. She just hasn’t found the right science experiment yet!

25 of our Favorite Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

These are the best Christmas science experiments for kids that will keep them loving science the entire Christmas season. Make science fun again! #stemed #sterm #handsonlearning #chrsitmasactivities

We’ve done a lot of Christmas science experiments, but we’ve listed only our favorites below!

Why do Christmas science activities?

Christmas science for kids is for kids who already have a love of science and for those who don’t realize they love science experiments quite yet.

Science isn’t just a list of facts in a textbook, but something that actually has a lot of creativity and innovation hidden inside it.

When you do these fun and simple Christmas science experiments with kids, they quickly learn that science can not only be enjoyable, but that it is one of their favorite subjects in school.

And the more kids who are interested in science in the early years the more kids will choose science-related careers, which is a wonderful career path to follow.

If you love Christmas science experiments, this is the list for you! Kids will have a blast completing these Christms science projects.

The world needs more innovators, scientists, and creative people who aren’t afraid to fail. And it can all start with a simple Christmas science activity.

Supplies for Holiday Science Activities

Keep these Christmas science supplies on hand for your Christmas science experiments!

stem supply list

Holiday Science Experiment Tips

christmas science activities

 The best thing to stress for kids when completing a science experiment is that there isn’t a “right” answer.

Science is all about proposing, trying, and testing an idea.  

Recording results and trying again with a new twist are also key elements of any science activity.

It’s helpful when completing Christmas science projects to keep a journal of the different experiments and how they turned out.  

This will likely spark a whole list of new questions for kids and they will want to try all sorts of fun science activities.  

christmas science experiments

Every successful science project includes all elements of the scientific method:  


You can’t experiment without a question. Many science experiments start with the question “what will happen when…”


This is where children determine what they think might happen.


The fun part is testing out the ideas!

Analysis and Recording

Data mining and recording results is an important part of any science experiment.


Try something different and test again!


What happened? Was it what the kids expected?

The Full List of Christmas Science Experiments

Try these Christmas themed science experiments to make science class just as festive as a Christmas tree!

Read on to find out all of the amazing Christmas science experiments you can try in the classroom or at home during winter break!

christmas science projects

For even more Christmas science fun, try making binary name ornaments.

If your kiddos love slime, they will have a blast with this Candy Cane Slime!

Grinch Slime is a fun project to make to go along with the classic holiday book.

This Peppermint Slime smells just like a candy cane!

My kids loved making this Santa Suit Slime and it would make a cute gift, too!

Experiment with light and shadows when you make Christmas Lights Slime.

Whip up some science in the kitchen and make Edible Candy Slime.

A classic Christmas science experiment is this Dissolving Candy Cane Science Experiment.

holiday science experiments

Bring science into the kitchen when you make Gingerbread Ornaments.

Learn about chemical reactions when you try the Bubbling Christmas Lights Science Experiment.

Turn a snow globe into a science experiment with this Bubbling Snow Globe Science Experiment.

Learn about lamination with this Galaxy Ornaments Science Experiment.

Add a bit of art to your science when you try this Fizzing Ornaments Science Activity.

Salt crystals are a fun way to learn about molecular bonds and crystal formation. Try the Salt Crystal Candy Canes Science Experiment!

Teach kids about static electricity with this Magic Clinging Tinsel Science Experiment.

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