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DIY Fidget Spinners and Fidgets for Kids with ADHD

Has the fidget craze hit your classroom? Kids have transformed the therapy tool of fidget spinners into the next big collection craze.

Kids who were bottle flipping are now performing tricks with their fidget spinners. Fidgets were originally meant as therapy tools for kids with attention and sensory issues, not as toys.

If your kids need to move, these DIY fidget spinnners and DIY fidgets for kids will help boost concentration and attitudes in the classroom. Fidgets are just one more tool you can use that helps make teaching ADHD easier.

Kids will love these DIY fidget spinners they can use in the classroom or at home just for fun. Tweens will love these fun fidget toys they can play with!

Do Kids Need Fidgets?

Thanks to fidget spinners suddenly exploding in popularity, now the use of fidget toys is a hotly debated topic. Some poeple claim they are a distraction and cause more trouble than good, while others claim fidgets help kids with concentration issues focus.  

Studies on fidgeting for kids with ADHD support the latter claim. 

My ADHD kids NEED to move. In fact, they cannot sit still. It’s not a discipline issue for them. Before we knew my eldest had ADHD, we tried “training” her to sit still, but it was impossible. Even if she was *mostly* still, she still wiggled a foot, twitched her fingers, shifted in her seat, or looked wildly around the room.

Research suggests that for kids with ADHD and other sensory processing disorders, they NEED to move for information to click in their minds. Stop them from moving, and they stop learning.

But, since our classrooms aren’t usually equipped for movement (although, thankfully, that is changing in a lot of schools), fidgets can help provide an outlet for the restless energy that kids with ADHD have.

Without these tools, kids with ADHD will tend to fidget anyway, by picking at clothing, biting pencils, chewing straws, tapping on the desk, kicking their chairs, shifting position, popping in and out of their seat, rocking, twirling hair, chewing fingernails, biting their lips, and other self-destructive behavior.

So, in our family, we are definitely pro fidget for kids who need them.

Don't waste money on buying fidgets for the classroom. Instead, make these DIY fidget spinners and fidgets for kids to use perfect for teaching ADHD.

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DIY Fidget Spinners

make your own fidget spinner

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for the original fidget spinner make these DIY versions instead!

Hardware Fidget Spinner // All For the Boys

Beaded Fidget Spinner (video below)

Easy Paper Fidget Spinners // Red Ted Art

Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner (video below)

LEGO Fidget Spinner // Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Brain Break Cards for Kids with ADHD

Kids are easily overwhelmed with work if they have ADHD. One simple way to help a kid with ADHD reset is to implement brain breaks. These 60-second or less activities help reset a child’s brain and gets her out of the flight or fight mode. You can use these at home or in the classroom!

brain break cards for kids

Don’t want to make your own? Get the popular version here!

DIY Fidgets

Not all kids benefit from spinners. Some will find these DIY fidgets more helpful.

Super Simple Soda Tab Fidget

Quiet Desk Fidgeter // The OT Toolbox

DIY Zipper Bracelet // Moms and Crafters

4 Simple Fidget Toys (video below)

Amazing LEGO Fidget Cube (video below)

Another LEGO cube version (video below)

Nut and Bolt Fidget // You Clever Monkey

My ADHD daughter loves this fidget if you don’t want to make your own!

DIY Quiet Fidgets

quiet fidgets for kids

These DIY quiet fidgets are perfect for classroom use.

DIY Quiet Fidget Bracelet //  De Jong Dream House

Quiet Beaded Fidgets // Ms Draffkorn

Quiet Paracord Fidget (video below)

Pencil Topper Fidget // The OT Toolbox

Pokemon Fidgets // Red Ted Art

Squishy Fidget Balls // Natural Beach Living

Pipe Cleaner Fidget // Creating Through Chaos

Hair Tie Fidget Bracelet  // Lemon Lime Adventures

This quiet fidget is a favorite with my kids.

DIY Chewable Fidgets

diy chewable fidgets

For kids who love to chew, these DIY chewable fidgets are perfect!

Cloth Chewable Jewelry // Lemon Lime Adventures

Sensory Tube Chewable Necklace // Inspired Housewife

Chewable Zipper Pull // And Next Comes L

Drinking Straw Necklace // The Crafty Sisters

Don’t want to make your own? We love this necklace!

Don't waste money on buying fidgets for the classroom. Instead, make these DIY fidget spinners and fidgets for kids to use perfect for teaching ADHD.

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