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The Easiest Ever DIY Fidget Toy for Kids Who Need to Move

Have your kids embraced the fidget spinner craze? My ADHD tween is obsessed with fidget spinners and all the popular fidget toys. I was never diagnosed with ADHD as a child, but I remember being a SUPER fidgety child (I still fidget like crazy to this day).

When I was a kid, the ultimate fidget was simple soda tabs strung onto a string or key ring. I’ve been seeing a million different versions of fidget toys for kids, but I didn’t see the version I loved as a child, so I decided to make a soda tab DIY fidget toy for my kids to use to boost concentration and make teaching ADHD easier.

This DIY fidget toy uses soda tabs to make the easiest fidget toys for kids ever! Kids with ADHD will love these DIY fidgets they can take to school!

How to Make a Soda Tab DIY Fidget Toy

Now, most people call these fidgets “toys,” but they aren’t really toys. Kids with ADHD and other sensory processing issues use these items as tools to help boost concentration. Some studies have found that kids who have ADHD and fidget are more likely to retain what they learn.  So, they aren’t really toys, but tools.

easy diy fidget toys

What you’ll need to make a soda tab fidget:

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soda tab fidgetThis fidget is so simple, it almost needs no explanation. This fidget is just a string of soda pull tabs added to a key ring. You could also use a necklace, bracelet, or zipper pull.

easy diy fidget

If you like, you can personalize the fidget by coloring the tabs with nail polish, but we didn’t paint this version because Bo was too excited to play with it.

soda can fidget

Both of my girls are big fidgeters, but in different ways.

make your own fidget toy

Monkey is much more of a hand fidgeter. She uses the soda tab fidget as a way to occupy her hands when concentrating. She’ll play with it in her hands while writing and reading.

Bo is much more oral fixated. She chews everything she touches. She fidgets with the soda tab fidget in her hands, but she also chews on it a bit. Some kids might find biting on the metal irritating or painful, but Bo likes chewing on the hard metal.

Kid who need to move will love this simple DIY fidget toy. Fidgets for kids are easy to make and help boost concentration in the classroom for kids with ADHD.

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