Help kids fall in love with STEM...

Even if you don't have a teaching degree!

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Develop critical thinking, logic, and creativity in your children with a Jarring Science Club membership!

Science is not just a subject. It is a way of thinking. A scientist tries, fails, and tries again. 

Science does NOT provide all the answers. 

Science teaches us to be skeptical of what we know today so that our scientific “conclusions” can be modified or changed as we make new discoveries. 

My name is Brenda MacArthur, and I've taught over 100,000 teachers, organizations, and caregivers how to help children gain an interest in science and develop the vital skills they need to become scientists, explorers, and adults who want to make the world a better place.

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REAL caregivers and teachers. Harnessing their child's natural curiosity.

Leading future scientists and innovators.

You CAN harness your child's creativity and TRANSFORM their feelings about science, technology, engineering, and math with one simple click...

But you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the inspiring stories of former Jarring Science Club members!

Meet Joanie. Her daughter is persuing a STEM degree thanks to hands-on science.

Jodie's daughter grew from hands-on science experiments to STEAM career.

Even a preschooler can understand the essentials of science and STEM.

Meet Sze. Her 4-year-old daughter perfectly explains how emulsions work. 

"Science feels like home," is how Joslyn explains why she loves STEM subjects so much.

Meet Joslyn. Hands-on science in elementary helped her consider the science classroom a second home.

Yes, I want my child to have fun while falling in love with STEM!

Our members rave about how much their kids look forward to science after joining the club!

A Jarring Science Club membership develops these skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Discovery
  • Confidence
  • Problem-solving

...And that’s only scratching the surface...

The Jarring Science Club teaches children how to use STEM thinking in real-world situations

Raise your hand if you find yourself nodding along with any of these statements:

You want fun STEM activities for your children that don't take tons of money or weird supplies that *won't* cause frustration and meltdowns.

Your kids want the most active, most interesting, and most engaging STEM activities that match their interests and learning-level.

You want quality STEM activities that you don't have to spend hours prepping for.

...And as a Jarring Science Club member, your children gain access to hundreds of experiments that kids love and teachers approve of.

Join the only jarring science club in the world!

The Jarring Science Club eliminates the struggle with planning science experiments. 

No more time wasted scouring Pinterest for science experiments, only to find out you have to order $50 of supplies to comple the activity. 

No more purchasing science kits that langish in the garage because your kids can't do them alone. 

No more hassle of setting up elaborate experiments that your kids care nothing about. 

In the Jarring Science Club, your child can explore science safely without any hinderences.

When you become a member of the Jarring Science Club, 

you’re saying yes — not just to science… 

...but to a whole new world of exploring and discovery for your kids.

Why does STEM need to be hands-on?

Science, technology, engineering, and math are not just a collection of facts.

A scientist must:

  • Observe what's going on
  • Predict what could happen
  • Test predictions in a controlled environment
  • Make sense of the outcome and record data

Science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov called science "a way of thinking" and that's what we believe in the Jarring Science Club. 

  • We don't believe that science is learned through a textbook. 
  • We believe kids should explore their world hands on.
  • We believe kids should be free to discover their own answers.
  • We believe that STEM activities can facilitate these discoveries for our kids.

The Jarring Science Club is less about science "facts" and more about teaching kids how to ask questions, try things, fail, and try again. 

Children’s experiences help them form their ideas, but these ideas don't always align with scientific "facts." In the Jarring Science Club, we believe kids should be free to explore these "wrong" ideas without feeling stupid, judged, or shamed by low grades.  

When a child looks at the world in a new way, through questions and discoveries, they realize they can make a difference.  

Something special happens when our children define themselves as scientists, inventors, and creators.

Suddenly, they embrace "difficult" concepts like with determination, logic, critical thinking, and creativity. This mindset shift is both long-lasting and life changing.

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The STEAMsational Story

It all started in 2013 when my daughter was in first grade.

At the time, I was just a homeschooling mom, trying to find accurate and engaging science curriculum for my ADHD daughter. She was OBSESSED with science, but I struggled to teach her because I thought I *hated* science.

I didn't want my daughter's love of science to be squashed like mine was, so I went on the hunt for the perfect science curriculum that answered her science questions, developed critical thinking skills, and provided hands-on activities.

But, what I was looking for wasn't out there. I saw a glaring problem between the traditional education system and what companies say they want from the people they hire.

In school, kids are praised for fitting in, checking the right boxes, and memorizing the right answers. Individual expression is discouraged, because schools are funded based on the standardized test scores of their students.

But once kids graduate from college, employers are desperate for innovators, rule-breakers, and creative thinkers.

No matter what career you go into, problem solving, logic, critical thinking, and creativity are highly prized skills.

I didn't find what I was looking for, so I created it myself. My daughters and their Girl Scout troops were the first children to try out the Jarring Science Club lessons!  

You don't have to be a scientist to teach science, and you don't need expensive tools or supplies...

...all you need is a membership to the Jarring Science Club!

Your child's membership includes:

  • Experiment directions easy enough for kids to do alone or with minimal help
  • Supply lists with items you can find around the house
  • Lesson outline and guide to each science experiment
  • The scientific explanation for each activity
  • Lesson quizzes to ensure your child understands the science behind the activity
  • Printable worksheets to go along with each lesson so your child can record their experiment data
  • Access to the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group to answer any questions you may have as the educator/facilitator 
  • NGSS-aligned concepts
  • Access to over 100 past Jarring Science Club lessons
jarring science club sample lesson

Still have questions? I have answers!

What ages is the Jarring Science Club for? 

The Jarring Science Club projects are designed for kids age 5-14 and in grades K-8th.

What sort of experiments are included? 

We include science demonstrations to illustrate specific scientific concepts, open-ended science exploration to boost critical thinking, NGSS-aligned lesson plans, and support for STEM teachers and caregivers.

Is there a price guarantee?  

If you are not satisfied with the products in the Jarring Science Club, you may request a refund 30 days after your purchase. View our full refund policy here.

With a Jarring Science Club membership, helping children fall in love with science is easy!

The Jarring Science Club helps caregivers and teachers like you save time, inspire your children, and provide click-and-go lesson plans in 3 simple steps.


Jarring Science Club members get access to lesson guides, worksheets, video demonstrations, digital resources and trainings, and also get access to the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group where you can discuss any hurdles with other caregivers and teachers.


Learn from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go during road trips, school pick-up, and trips to the grocery store!

Choose what experiments to explore based on your child's interests.


Connect with caregivers and teachers — from all over the world — who have a passion for science and helping their children succeed (enthusiasm is contagious!).

Pick a subscription level that works for you!

Science Dabbler:

$12 per month

Science Lover:

$72 (billed every 6 months)

Science Fanatic

$120 (billed annually) -2 months free!

Try the club for 1 month!

Interested in using the Jarring Science Club in your school or organization? Learn about the Jarring Science Club Organization License here.

Stay Curious!

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