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Printable Tea Pun Valentines that Kids Will Love!

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I love Valentine’s Day. Something about all the red, pink, chocolate, and hearts just makes me happy. I made these printable tea pun Valentines to celebrate my love of all things tea!

I love making holidays fun for my kids. This year, we are inviting a few girls over for a Valentine’s tea party, which means our valentines need to be tea-themed. And guess what?

You will not find tea-themed valentines in any store. So, we made our own tea-themed valentines for kids. I came up with some fun tea puns and found some free clip art images to use and I put them together using Picmonkey.

printable valentines for kids tea party

Now we have adoable tea-themed printable valentines for kids that we can use at our party!

Lucky you, I’m also allowing you to use the same printable valentines in your own home.

No need for expensive store-bought valentines! Get these for free! There are six unique sayings in one PDF file.

free printable valentines for kids tea

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Tea Pun Valentines

We’re planning to give our tea pun valentines to our party guests with an attached tea bag for some Valentine’s Day fun.

Peppermint tea is always a hit with the younger crowd, so that will be the flavor we attach. Other kid-friendly tea flavors include:

valentine stem challenges

Kid-Friendly Tea Valentines

To access the printable valentines, click the link under the photo below and you will be able to download the PDF file. Print the PDF in landscape alignment onto cardstock paper. Then, simply cut out the valentines and share with classmates and friends.

After you cut out the valentines, simply tape or staple the tea back to the back of the valentine. The valentine is just about the same width as the tea bag, which makes it a perfect combo!

printable valentines for kids tea

Download the printable valentines here!

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valentine stem challenges

Don't lose these instructions! Add to your idea list right now!