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Counting Bears Math Challenge Cards


Boost addition and subtraction mastery for Kindergardeners with these fun counting bears math word problem challenge cards!

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Kids sometimes struggle with word problems, particularly in kindergarten. Use these colorful counting bears math challenge cards to help kids explore word problems in a hands-on way.


Counting Bears Math Challenge Cards

There is little prep involved in these challenge cards, and once laminated, the cards can be used for years to come.

These math counting bear printables feature word challenge cards teaching kindergartners addition and subtraction. Perfect as a math center activity!

What’s included in the counting bears math printables:

  • 2 pages of counting bear math word problems
  • 1 page of addition problems
  • 1 page of subtraction problems


How to Use the Counting Bears Math Challenge Cards

Click the link to add the printable to your cart and select “Proceed to Checkout.”

Enter your address and e-mail info on the checkout page. Click “Checkout.”

You will be directed to the download page. Click “Download: Counting Bears Math Challenge Cards” to save your printable. You will also be sent an e-mail link to download your printable. Each e-mail link is good for three downloads before it expires.

Print as many copies of the PDF printable as you need for your family or classroom. Do not distribute the pdf file. Instead, send friends to Schooling a Monkey to download their own copy.


Print the challenge cards onto cardstock paper. Laminate for greater durability. Use the cards along with real counting bears to complete each word problem. Place all supplies in a basket and store in your Kindergarten math center. Go here to see the cards in action!




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