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100 Science Experiments for Kids that Use Materials You Already Own!

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One of the best ways to inspire a love of science and learning in your kids is to introduce them to science experiments for kids at an early age.

These science experiment ideas are all simple enough for elementary kids and are designed for kids in elementary school and are a good place to start when just starting out trying STEM activities for kids!

However, these science project ideas are easy enough to expand into something that would also work as a middle school science experiment and many of them can also be simplified for kids in kindergarten, preschool, and even for toddlers!

It’s never too early to start science experiments with kids.

You can’t fail with these science experiments for kids!

Looking for science experiments for kids? These school science projects for kids are the perfect science projects for kids to use for school science fairs and science learning with kids! #science #scienceexperiment #stemactivities #stem

Unbelievably Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Try these easy and fun science experiments when you need a no-fuss science experiment for kids!

The Benefits of Science Experiments for Kids

Today, science experiments for kids are more important than ever. Science and technology are huge parts of our world today, and the future will be even more science and tech-focused.

Kids who aren’t immersed in the world of science and STEM exploration from a young age will be left behind their peers, and may struggle to find work in the fast-changing landscape of future careers.

Science experiments are usually basic, but they can help spark a love of science and discovery in a child that will follow them throughout their life.

The simple science experiment that a child does today may spark their desire to discover something that will change the world in the future.

Every day, young children are using science experiments to solve real-world problems in medicine and technology that have never been uncovered before.

And all these scientific discoveries start with a firm foundation in science and STEM.

What is an Experiment for Kids

Looking for science experiments for kids? These school science projects for kids are the perfect science projects for kids to use for school science fairs and science learning with kids! #science #scienceexperiment #stemactivities #stem

A science experiment is more than just a sciency activity. A science experiment must contain a specific structure that helps determine an answer to a question or problem.

Every science experiment contains four elements:

A Question

Kids should start every science experiment with a question, even if that question is just “what will happen?”

A Hypothesis

Before doing any experiment, children should record what they believe will happen.

An Experiment

This is where the fun part comes into play. Test the hypothesis to determine if it answers the question fully.

A Recording and Analysis

As the test is completed, record what happened and analyze why.

A Re-test

Try different variables and try a new test to see if the original answer is confirmed or disproven.

elementary stem challenge cards

How to Make an Easy Science Project

Building and making a science project doesn’t have to be hard. Most of the science projects in this list of science experiments take less than three hours to complete.

You don’t have to spend weeks building and creating a science project.

All you need to do is come up with a question or theme for your science project, then create a hypothesis.

Test variables and record data (and don’t forget to take pictures or draw!) and then create a summary of your results.

Most science projects are presented on foldable poster boards but check with your school’s requirements before purchasing.

The Complete List of Science Experiments for Kids

We love science, and this list of science projects will keep you busy with science activities for years!

If you want even more science experiment ideas, here are science fair projects for active kids, circus science experiments, candy science fair projects, and food coloring science experiments!

Water Science Activities

There is a lot you can learn with water! These water science activities provide experiments in density, surface tension, color mixing, weather, light refraction, and more!

Saltwater Desalination Experiment

Diving Fish Science Experiment

Jellyfish Discovery Bottle

Peeps Marshmallow Density Experiment

Liquid Density Experiment

Soap-Powered Boat Science Experiment

Glitter Discovery Bottle Experiment

Why Rain Falls

How to Make a Magnifying Glass from Ice

Hot and Cold Water Density Science Experiment

Chemistry Projects for Kids

Kids usually love chemistry projects because chemistry often produces flashy results that are fun to recreate over and over. These are some of our favorite chemical reaction chemistry projects.

Paint Bombs Science Project

Slime Chemistry Science Experiment

Oobleck Science Project

Epson Salt Crystal Chemistry

Turning a Penny Green

Making Butter Science Experiment

Biology Science Experiments for Kids

Learn all about the world and biology with these biology science experiments! Learn about the physical world when doing these science projects.

Flower Dissection

Magnifying Glass Discovery Center

Bread Mold Science Project

Explore Surface Tension

Seed Sprouting Science Experiment

Kitchen Science Experiments

How Rain Falls Science Project

Bovine Digestive System

Build a 3D Butterfly Model

Build a 3D Carbon Atom

Earth Science Experiments for Kids

Try these earth science projects for a fun twist on earth science that goes beyond simply reading a textbook!

Tornado in a Jar

Plate Tectonics Edible Science Demonstration

Scientific Nature Walk

Winter Science Projects for Kids

Apple Life Cycle Project

Marshmallow Constellations

Summer Skies Flashlight Constellations 

Galaxy Sugar Crystal Science Experiment

Fun Science Experiments to do with Kids

Not that any of the other science projects on this list aren’t fun, but these are the classic science projects that are fun to repeat.

If you want some quick science demonstrations that you can do at home (or in the classroom to explain concepts), these are the science experiments you’ll want to try!

Bread Mold Science Project

Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano

Static Electricity Science Experiment

Make a Tornado

Turn Pennies Green

Epsom Salt Crystal Project

Milk and Soap Surface Tension Science Project

Solar System Mobile

Ivory Soap Science Project

Liquid Density Science Project

Seasonal Science Experiments for Kids

Try these fun seasonal science experiments for kids and do science all year long!

Looking for science experiments for kids? These school science projects for kids are the perfect science projects for kids to use for school science fairs and science learning with kids! #science #scienceexperiment #stemactivities #stem

Winter Science Experiments

Once the weather cools, try these super fun winter science experiment ideas.

Convection Heat Science Experiment

Winter Science Experiments without Snow

Snow Science Experiments

Winter Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Spring Science Experiments

When spring is here, try these fun spring science experiments!

Complete List of Spring Science Experiments

Science Discovery Bottles for Spring

Weather Science Experiments for Kids

Easter STEAM Activities for Kids

Summer Science Experiments

CHeck out these summer science experiments that kids will love to try at home.

The Ultimate List of Summer Science Experiments

Summer Science Learning Activities

Backyard Space Camp

Slime Summer Camp

Science Summer Camp

 Oil and Water Science Experiment

Galaxy Oobleck Science Experiment

Exploding Paint Rockets Science Experiment

Fall Science Experiments

Try these fun fall science experiments when the weather starts to cool.

Fall STEM Activities

Pumpkin Science Experiments

Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Quick Science Experiments for Kids

Have just a few minutes? Try these quick science experiments for kids!

No-Prep STEM Activities

Build a Tornado

Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano

Static Electricity Science Project

How to Make Butter from Cream

Learn How Clouds Work

Dissect a Flower

Learn About Surface Tension

How to Make a Magnifying Glass from an Ice Cube

 The complete list of Quick Science Experiments

Edible Science Experiments for Kids

These science projects are completely edible.

Earth Plate Tectonics

Candy Science Experiments

Butter Chemistry Project

Marshmallow Constellations

Peeps Liquid Density Experiment

Electricity Science Experiments for Kids

Learning about electricity? Try these electricity science activities!

Static Electricity Science Project

How to Use Squishy Circuits

Light-Up Unicorn

Light-Up Mermaid

elementary stem challenge cards

Don't lose these instructions! Add to your idea list right now!