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The Ultimate List of Quality Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Updated for 2022!

It’s a crazy world out there right now, and because of it, this secular homeschooling curriculum list I made a few years ago is getting a lot more attention.

We don’t homeschool anymore, but I still believe in the necessity of quality secular homeschool curriculum choices, partially for families who have been forced into a homeschooling situation against their well.

We have tried many of the programs on this list, and they are of high quality.

When my daughters were enrolled in the public school system, their teachers praised them for their well-rounded and advanced education.

Secular homeschoolers need secular homeschool curriculum. We've listed the good and removed the bad so you can select secular curriculum with confidence.

If you don’t want to homeschool using religious-based texts, then you need secular homeschool curriculum. We’ve listed the good and removed the bad so you can select secular curriculum from this list with confidence.

When I first started looking for secular homeschool curriculum a few years ago, it seemed almost impossible to find homeschool curriculum that wasn’t either overtly religious or published by Christian publishers.

Since we first started homeschooling, secular homeschool curriculum has become much better and easier to find. In fact, some traditional textbook publishers now offer their products directly to homeschoolers.

Although we don’t homeschool any more (our kids were put into school once they reached middle school), we still supplement with many of the items on this list.

We particaulrly like to supplement logic, reading, and science with secular homeschool curriculum, because our school district isn’t as strong in those areas.

Why Do Homeschoolers Choose Secular Homeschool Curriculum?

When I first started seeking non religious homeschool curriculum, I was surprised at how many Christian homeschoolers still used secular curriculum.

I found that it isn’t just atheist homeschoolers who are looking for secular curriculum. Families I talk to usually chose secular homeschool curriculum for the following reasons:

There is a Special Circumstance

If your child has any kind of special needs or learning differences, homeschooling may be the best choice.

And certainly right now, during our crazy health crisis, is a whole other reason to homeschool!

They are Not Religious

There are many homeschool families who homeschool for non-religious reasons.  There is a growing body of homeschoolers who do not follow any sort of religion.

These families usually homeschool due to schedule issues, because they have children with special needs, or because they believe their children can get a better education at home.

Some homeschoolers may have been raised in a religious home and want to move away from a religion they see as harmful.

They Are Religious, but Not Evangelical Christian

Many homeschoolers are Islamic, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Wiccan, Catholic, Mormon, or follow some other religion. As much of homeschool curriculum follows traditional Evangelical Christian beliefs, trying to use this form of curriculum when you follow another religion creates conflict.

They Want to Prepare Children for a Traditional School Environment

The traditional school system is secular. Religion is not taught in most public schools and universities. Some parents would rather keep religious instruction separate from other subjects in school.

I know of several Christian homeschoolers who teach Bible and religion separately from school and use all secular curriculum for this reason.

They Want to Focus on Academics

A lot of Christian homeschool curriculum is written from a Biblical perspective. Because of this, some of the information in some (not all) Christian homeschool curriculums is outdated or does not focus on true academics.

Reading passages might come from the Bible instead of introducing a child to a broad range of literature and non-fiction books.

Parents who are academics may find the content of some Christian curriculum lacking in important academic instruction

They Don’t Follow the Young Earth Theory

Far and away, the most common reason homeschoolers seek out secular curriculum is that they do not believe in the Young Earth science theory.

Young Earth theory states that the entire world is somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years old, with the world just getting started with the first recorded stories from the Bible.

Current scientific theory refutes this claim offering evidence that the earth was formed somewhere around 4.5 billion years ago.

In fact, it was my search for a secular science curriculum that started our transformation into secular homeschoolers.

lego challenge cards

Where to Buy Secular Homeschool Curriculum

We used to buy our curriculum mainly from Amazon, or from the retailers themselves. Occasionally, we would also purchase from homeschool book fairs, but obviously those will be off the table for a while.

We also did a lot of purchasing through Rainbow Resource Center, but they do also sell religious homeschool curriculum, so you just have to be mindful at purchase.

The Best Secular Homeschool Curriculum

I haven’t tried all secular curriculum out there, but we have tried many of the curricula on this list. 

Other curricula on this list come highly recommended by other secular homeschoolers.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list. If you have a secular curriculum that you’ve tried and loved, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Secular homeschoolers need secular homeschool curriculum. We've listed the good and removed the bad so you can select secular curriculum with confidence.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

If you don't want to homeschool using religious-based texts, then you need secular homeschool curriculum. We've listed the good and removed the bad so you can select a secular curriculum from this list with confidence.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum Packages (Boxed Curriculum)

A boxed curriculum contains everything you need to do secular homeschooling in one kit.

BookShark (PreK-8)

Moving Beyond the Page (PreK-8)

Calvert School (PreK-12)

Discovery K12 (K-12)

Global Village School (K-12)

Build Your Library (K-9)

Khan Academy (K-12) (not necessarily a complete package, but it does offer instruction in everything)

Secular History Curriculum

Secular Language Arts

Secular Foreign Language Curriculum

Secular Fine Arts Curriculum

Secular Math Curriculum

Secular Handwriting Curriculum

What Secular Homeschoolers Use Year by Year

Below, you’ll find links to the different curricula used by secular homeschooling bloggers for different homeschooling styles and grades.

Take a look and see what other secular homeschooling families have used as their curriculum from year-to-year.

Secular Curriculum for Preschool

Middle Way Mom Preschool Curriculum Picks

My Little Poppies PreK Curriculum 

Secular Curriculum for Kindergarten

 Look We’re Learning Kindergarten Curriculum Pick

Secular Curriculum for First Grade

 Look We’re Learning First Grade Curriculum Picks

Secular Curriculum for Second Grade

 Look We’re Learning 2nd Grade Curriculum Picks

STEAM-Powered Family Second Grade Curriculum

Secular Curriculum for Third Grade

 Look We’re Learning Third Grade Curriculum Picks

Mama Teaches Third Grade Curriculum 

Secular Curriculum for Fourth Grade

 Look We’re Learning 4th Grade Curriculum Picks

Starts at Eight 4th Grade Curriculum 

Secular Curriculum for Fifth Grade

 Look We’re Learning Fifth Grade Curriculum Picks

Starts at Eight 5th Grade Curriculum 

STEAM-Powered Family Fifth Grade Curriculum 

Secular Curriculum for Middle School

Here is some secular homeschool curriculum some secular homeschoolers are using.

Education Possible Curriculum Picks for Middle School

Middle Way Mom 8th Grade Curriculum Picks

Starts at Eight 7th Grade Curriculum 

Starts at Eight 8th Grade Curriculum 

Secular Curriculum for High School

Here are some resources that secular homeschooling bloggers use for their high schoolers.

Education Possible Online Curriculum Picks for High School

Middle Way Mom 9th Grade Curriculum Picks

Middle Way Mom 10th Grade Curriculum Picks

Starts at Eight 12th Grade Curriculum 

lego challenge cards

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