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Colorful and Impressive Summer Camp STEM Activities

You know we love our STEM activities for kids here. And we’re always looking for fun ways to bring STEM into our house when school isn’t in session. STEM activities are now a popular choice for summer camps, but if summer camps aren’t your main job (or maybe even if it is), you might need some inspiration for how to keep STEM fun in the summer!

This list of summer camp STEM activities will give you a place to start when planning STEM-themed summer camp activities. Whether you are trying to learn how to do a summer camp at home or just filling in with more ideas for your daycare or summer program, there are a lot of fun ideas here.

STEM and summer camp just go together! Find everything you need to plan colorful and fun summer camp STEM activities right here!

STEM Activities for Summer Camp

Summer camp STEM activities should be bright, colorful, have a big result, and don’t require the use of crazy materials or even electricity in a lot of cases!

You’ll find that all of these summer camp STEM activities are super camp-friendly.

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Easy-to-Do STEM Summer Camp Activities

Some STEM activities can be a lot. But these summer camp STEM activities are a little! A little prep, a little mess, but a whole lot of fun!

Learn How to Make Galaxy Oobleck and explore non-Newtonian fluids.

In this Galaxy Jar Experiment, kids can make their own nightlight and learn about the galaxy at the same time.

Mix a classic summer camp activity making salt dough and make this Clay Hearts Solar System Projectt You can ireduce ddrying time by baking the dough in the oveen or you can let it air dry!

Learn the basics of coding with Secret Message Binary Coding Bracelets and send secret messages at the same time. But just be careful, at least one kid will try to spell out a dirty word. 😀

Some STEM activities can be a lot. But these summer camp STEM activities are a little! A little prep, a little mess, but a whole lot of fun!

Learn about the summer skies and make your own Summer Skies Marshmallow Constellations!

This Mirror Reflection Symmetry Math Project is a really fun and colorful hands-on math activity for kids.

The Spirolateral Math Art STEAM Activity is a fascinating look at how math follows patterns.

This Solar System Slime Recipe is a fun way to learn about the planets in our solar system as well as the science behind slime!

Growing Crystals with Bluing and Ammonia is a fun crystal growing activity that doesn’t require any heat source.

If you’re going to do a STEM summer camp, you should try the Classic Baking Soda Volcano Science Experiment. Its a must!

The How to Turn a Penny Green Experiment is a fun experiment on chemical reactions and oxidation.

For engineering skill boosts, try these Easy Things to Build with LEGO.

Another fun STEM activity with LEGO is to try this Life Cycle Earth Day LEGO Challenge and build a tree’s life cycle out of LEGO.

Make this 3D paper flower and learn about the parts of a flower!

Go on a science nature walk and gather some materials that you find along the way. Then make a Magnifying Glass Discovery Tray to explore your treasures!

Learn How to Make Exploding Paint Rockets with Film Canisters and bring chemical reactions to life. Get fancy and track how high your rockets fly!

This Rainbow Salt Circuit Engineering Activity is a fun STEM activity that children can do using a circuit kit. The only other things you need are watercolor paint, salt, and glue!

If you love these STEM summer camp projects, you’ll want to check out our Instant STEAM Summer Camp and our STEM Summer Camp Curriculum!

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