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Easy Foam Headband Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving crafts that we can do all November long! This year, we wanted to focus more on turkeys, because they are fun and cute and easy to make. This Thanksgiving turkey craft is a foam headband that will turn your little turkeys into actual turkeys!

Since this craft uses common inexpensive craft supplies, it is the perfect thing to do with a group of kids either in a classroom setting, at home with multiple kids, at daycare, or during after-school care or after-school clubs.

So, scroll down to find out if you have what you need to make this foam turkey headband and get started!

Step by step directions to make a foam headband turkey craft for Thanksgiving! Easy enough for kids to do alone!

Foam Headband Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

This fun turkey craft is fun for kids to do alone or with a bit of adult assistance depending on their age.

If you want to make this project take less time in the moment, cut out the headband pieces, and turkey pieces out of the foam in advance so that when you’re doing the craft with kids all they have to do is glue and wear!

Here’s What You Need for the Foam Turkey Craft

How to Store Craft Supplies in the Classroom

I like to have all of my craft supplies in one place, and I really like the use of open-top containers. Amazon has some really cool storage options for craft supplies in the classroom, including this Craft tower storage bin.

Another practical option that’s a little smaller is this open-top cubby shelf.

And if you like your craft storage to be mobile, this craft cart is sturdy enough for daily use and has a lot of storage options for all sorts of craft supplies!

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Turkey Craft Foam Headband Instructions

Here is how you can make your own turkey craft foam headband for Thanksgiving!

First, cut the brown foam into strips 2 inches wide by 8 inches long.

Next, use the small hole punch to poke a small hole in each side of the strip.

Cut a length of string about 10 inches long and poke through one side of the headband. Tie into a knot.

Poke the elastic through the other side but do not tie.

foam turkey headband

Cut the red foam into a waddle. Cut the orange foam into a beak.

Place the cup or circle templates on the brown foam and trace a large and small circle.

Cut the circles from the foam. Glue the smaller circle over the larger circle with a glue dot.

turkey craft headband

On the smaller circle, attach the wiggly eyes, beak, and waddle with glue dots.

Flip the headband and attach the feathers to the back of the turkey with more glue dots. If they don’t stay, secure with masking tape.

headband turkey craft

Place the headband on the child and gently tighten the elastic using the loose end.

Remove the headband and tie the loose end in a knot. Cut any excess elastic.

complete turkey craft headband
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