DIY Fidget Toy for Kid

When I was a kid, the ultimate fidget was simple soda tabs strung onto a string or key ring. I decided to make a soda tab DIY fidget toy for my kids to use to boost concentration and make teaching ADHD easier.

How to Make a Soda Tab DIY Fidget Toy

Some studies have found that kids who have ADHD and fidget are more likely to retain what they learn.  So, they aren’t really toys, but tools.

What You Need:

Soda tabs (you can use metal, or these plastic ones are super fun)Key ringNail polish (totally optional)

This fidget is so simple, it almost needs no explanation. This fidget is just a string of soda pull tabs added to a key ring. You could also use a necklace, bracelet, or zipper pull.

If you like, you can personalize the fidget by coloring the tabs with nail polish

Ways to Use

Use the soda tab fidget as a way to occupy hands when concentrating. To play with it in her hands while writing and reading.