Please note: this is not a comprehensive list. If you have a secular curriculum that you’ve tried and loved, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

If you don't want to homeschool using religious-based texts, then you need secular homeschool curriculum. We've listed the good and removed the bad so you can select a secular curriculum from this list with confidence.

Boxed Curriculum

BookShark (PreK-8) Moving Beyond the Page (PreK-8) Calvert School (PreK-12) Discovery K12 (K-12) Global Village School (K-12) Build Your Library (K-9) Khan Academy (K-12)

Secular History Curriculum

The Human Odyssey (K-12) A People's History of the United States (9-12) BookShark (PreK-8)

Language Arts Curriculum

Brave Writer (K-12) Easy Grammar (3-6) Write Shop (K-12) Don't Forget to Write (K-12) Growing with Grammar (K-12) and more...

Secular Logic Curriculum

Lollipop Logic (K-2) Critical Thinking Co. (Toddler-12) Blast Off with Logic (3-8)

Foreign Language Curriculum

Language Treks Spanish (6-12) Homeschool Spanish Academy (9-12) Active Chinese (K-College) Jenney's Latin (6-12)

Social Studies Curriculum

Harcourt Social Studies (K-6) Super Social Studies (4-8) Totally Terrific Social Studies Activities (3-8)

Fine Arts Curriculum

Artistic Pursuits (K-12) Drawing with Children(All ages)

Geography Curriculum

Discovering the World of Geography (4-8) Geography through Art (3-8) Little Passports (PreK-3) Top Secret Adventures (1-8)

Math  Curriculum

Math U See (K-12) Singapore Math (K-8) RightStart Mathematics (K-6) Math on the Level (K-8)