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DIY Real Pokeball: Chemical Reaction Science Activity for Kids

When it comes to kids’ STEM activities, you probably don’t think of Pokemon first! But Pokemon is a fun theme for chemistry experiments for kids of all ages.

But in this simple chemical reaction science experiment for kids, kids will mix scientific concepts with Pokemon in a way that is fun and engaging for Pokemon lovers, and it teaches the basics of chemical reactions, too! Pokeball science is a lot of fun!

Kids love Pokemon? They will love this Pokemon activity making a DIY real pokeball combined with science for kids and chemical reactions!

This simple science activity will have kids begging to learn more about science and STEM using their Pokemon characters in this activity to make a DIY real Pokeball.

This is the perfect summer science project, or it would make the perfect addition to a Pokemon-themed backyard summer camp!

Perhaps your daycare or school would love building a thematic unit around Pokemon using this project.

DIY Real Pokeball: Chemical Reaction Science Activity for Kids

This super-simple science project will convert any Pokemon fan into a science lover. Kids of all ages from preschool up will love this super-fun science activity.

You can learn what is a chemical reaction for kids to complete your chemistry lesson plan.

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You’ll need a few supplies to make your DIY real Pokeball science challenge:

pokemon activities

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First, divide your baking soda into two containers. Add just enough water to the baking soda to make a moldable paste.

pokemon science

Dye one of the baking soda containers red. Use a lot of dye so the baking soda is a true red, rather than a pink.

Form a half-ball with the white baking soda. Stick half of your toy Pokemon into each ball.

diy pokeball

Mold the red baking soda into the top half of the Pokeball and stick it on top.

real 3d pokeball

Place a black pom pom in the center of the ball to make the Pokeball opening.

real life pokemon

Place your Pokeballs on your large tray. 

pokemon activities

Use the pipette to pick up vinegar and squeeze it onto the Pokeballs. The baking soda and vinegar will react, “opening” the Pokeballs and revealing the hidden Pokemon.

pokemon projects

This would make a fun activity for kids to do at a Pokemon birthday party!

fizzing pokeballs 2
STEM extension worksheets

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