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Hi, I'm Brenda!

I hated science as a kid. Science was *the most* boring thing. All we did was read about science. We never *did* science.

Fast forward 15 or so years, and suddenly, I'm homeschooling my daughter who has ADHD. She was not interested in words. She wanted reality, and what she wanted most of all was science that she could do herself.

This was back in 2010, and STEM was just starting to be a buzzword in the teaching community. I loved the idea of mixing several types of learning into one lesson.

There weren't many STEM resources available at that time, so I made lessons for my daughter and her Girl Scout troop. When the other parents and teachers started asking for my lesson plans, I put them online.

With that, STEAMsational was born, and soon thousands of teachers, families, and caregivers had STEAMsational products in their classrooms, programs, and homes across the globe!

Today, the STEAMsational mission is to provide simple, accessible, and affordable STEM lessons for teachers and caregivers around the world.

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