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100+ Low-Prep and Festive Christmas STEM Activities

You know we love our STEM activities here, so of course, we have to do Christmas STEM activities! You’ll find resources for over 100 fun Christmas STEM projects in the list below.

I always love doing holiday and seasonal STEM activities because using themes that children are familiar with is an easy way to spark an interest in STEM even if kids think they aren’t into science.

You’ll find resources for all ages from preschool through middle school below, so no matter what you’re looking for with your Christmas experiments, you’ll find something that will work for you!

Over 25 hands-on Christmas STEM activities for kids! Amazingly fun Christmas experiments for all ages from preschool through middle school!

Easy and Festive Christmas STEM Activities for Kids

I know teachers and parents don’t have a lot of extra time through the holiday season, and you might not put STEM activities at the top of the list, but adding a few of these activities to your holiday plans will make your holiday break (or the last weeks of the year in class) a lot more fun, and definitely more engaging than just letting kids have endless screen time!

Christmas STEM Challenge Cards

If you want expand on any of the Christmas STEM activities below, try out these Christmas STEM challenge cards! They are free and give fun challenge ideas that you can use in the elementary classroom or at home.

christmas stem challenge cards

Supplies for Christmas STEM Activities

Make sure you have these supplies for science experiments on hand before doing your Christmas STEM projects.

The Best Materials for Making Slime

Here is what you need to make every basic slime recipe on STEAMsational!

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Elmer’s White Glue

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Elmer’s Clear Glue

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Liquid Laundry Starch

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Borax Powder

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Slime Activator

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Soft Clay

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Biodegradable Glitter

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Craft Aprons

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Instant Snow

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Scentless Lotion

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Mixing Bowls

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Sharpie Markers

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Slime Containers

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Removable Labels

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Stirring Spoons

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Soap Dye

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Shaving Cream

You know we love our STEM activities here, so of course, we have to do Christmas STEM activities! You'll find resources for over 100 fun Christmas STEM projects in the list below.

STEM activities are very helpful for kids, and you can read about the benefits of STEM here.

Christmas STEM Activities for December

Of course you can’t go wrong doing these Christmas Experiments with kids in elementary!

If you don’t want to go quite as hard on Christmas, then these STEM Activities for December are just what you need.

Christmas STEM Activities by Grade

Christmas STEM Activities for Preschool provide the best easy Christmas STEM projects for little learners.

Try these Christmas STEM Activities for Kindergarten if you are teaching kindergarten this year.

First graders are still filled with wonder about life. They will love these Christmas STEM Activities for 1st Grade.

If you’re teaching second grade or have a 7-8 year old, then these Christmas STEM Activities for 2nd Grade will be perfect!

Third grade science is a lot of fun! But Christmas STEM Activities for 3rd Grade are even more fun!

Teachers and parents of students in fourth grade will love this list of Christmas STEM Activities for 4th Grade.

Don’t forget to check out this list of Christmas STEM Activities for 5th Grade if you are teaching 5th grade science or have a 11-12 year old!

At STEAMsational, we also have fun lessons for middle school kids! These Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School are best for kids in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

Christmas Science Experiments

Explore the chemistry side of the holiday season with these Christmas Chemistry Experiments.

If you have slime lovers in your family or class, then these Christmas Slime Recipes are definitely for you.

Easy Christmas STEM Activities for the Classroom

These fun Christmas activities are all about Christmas trees! Try these Christmas tree STEM activities for fun and learning this December.

You can turn craft time into science time with these STEM christmas ornaments!

You can definitely bring technology into Christmas! Try these Christmas technology activities with coding, science instruments, and more!

If the kids in your life love building and constructing, then these Christmas engineering projects are for you!

Of course we can’t forget math, and these Christmas math STEM activities go beyond basic math problems and include multiple elements of STEM thinking!

christmas stem challenge cards

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