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Jarring Science Club Organization License


Get 100s of science lesson plans that provide the tools that children can use to become future innovators and problem solvers.

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Teaching science isn’t easy…

  • You constantly feel like you have to keep up with the latest STEM trends so your STEM program doesn’t get cut.
  • Your district gives you vague science standards but little time or budget to fit them in to your already-overtaxed classroom schedule.
  • You’ve tried dozens of other science programs and subscription boxes, only to abandon them because they didn’t meet your student’s needs.
  • Your Google Drive and Pinterest boards are a mess of science experiment ideas that you’d like to try “one day.”
  • You know your students love hands-on experiments, but you just haven’t been able to find lessons that fit with your class structure.
  • You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel guilty that you just can’t make science a priority.

You are not alone!

Whether you’re a teacher just struggling to make it home before 8 PM, or a parent who wants to invest in their child’s interests but is too exhausted at the end of every week to even think about taking on something new, or you’re someone suddenly put in charge of a STEM program you have no idea how to implement, you are not the problem.

But, no matter how busy or tired you are, you understand that creativity and innovation require inspiration. And you are devoted to providing the experiences necessary to make that happen.

Which makes you awesome!

You may have thought that the solution to better science instruction is more…

  • More structure
  • More detailed planning
  • More supplies
  • More time

But that’s not true!

The truth is, children thrive and learn best, not with more rules, regulations, and oversight, but with the freedom to explore and investigate on their own time, in their own way, to make their own conclusions about the world.

Study after study shows that children who are forced into the study/memorize/test system don’t remember what they’ve learned even hours after the test. And what’s worse, these kids expect to be fed the answer because they are afraid of getting things “wrong.”

But kids who have access to open-ended, hands-on science experiments have the freedom to draw their own conclusions from their own experiences, which leads to a deep understanding of the concepts behind the lesson (1), even if you just go over the concept briefly!

Get 100s of science lesson plans that provide the tools that children can use to become future innovators and problem solvers.

Provide kids with NGSS-aligned, hands-on science experiments that are simple, effective, and low-cost, without spending hours lesson planning.

You don’t need a science degree to foster a love of science in children. You just need to provide kids with the tools to unlock their potential.

No special equipment or expensive supplies required! Use materials you already have in the classroom.


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