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How to Make Stop Motion Videos for Kids

Have you ever seen those fun stop motion videos online, or maybe watched the old claymation videos with your kids? I bet they have no idea how much work goes into making a video like that! So for this technology activity for kids, we learned how to make stop motion videos for kids!

For today’s technology project in our 31 days of STEM series, Monkey, Bo and I learned how to make a stop motion video. It’s such a fun Easter STEM activity!

Want to make a stop motion video of your own? Follow along with our instructions! This activity is one of our favorite technology activities for kids!

how to make a stop motion video

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Learn how to make a stop motion video for kids using Jelly beans! It's a fun jelly bean STEM project for kids. Ideas for stop motion videos are endless!

How to Make a Stop Motion Video as a Jelly Bean STEM Experiment

This was probably my favorite technology project that we did for the 31 days of STEM activities for kids series. Monkey and Bo had a lot of fun with it, too!


  • Jellybeans
  • Large foam board
  • Stop motion app (we used Lapse It Pro)

Stop Motion Ideas for Kids Using Jelly Beans

jelly bean stem experiment

Decide what you want to use as a story. Monkey wanted to keep things simple, so we decided that our plot would be a bird eating a worm.

Set up your initial scene. We decided to use the construction of the jellybean scene as part of our story, so we only placed a few jellybeans down at a time.

stop motion ideas for kids

Take a picture with your stop motion app. Add one or two more jellybeans and take another picture. Our app was helpful because it showed an outline of the previous photo over the current photo so that you could see where to take the picture. Our results were still not perfect, but much better than they would have been without the guide.

Repeat these steps until someone gets bored or your story is complete. Our 17-second video took over an hour to create.

When the movie is complete, save the video in your app as a stop motion video. Our app allowed us to choose how long each picture was displayed in the series (I think maybe we chose half a second or a full second per frame).

stop motion project ideas

Upload your video to your desired server. We put ours on YouTube, which you can see here!

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