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21 New Year Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers are too young for many new years eve activities for kids, but they can celebrate a new year safely using these New Year activities for preschool. Use these activities to round out your winter STEM activities for preschoolers. Preschoolers love festivities as much as older kids and adults, but most preschoolers won’t make it to midnight and many New Year’s activities are reserved for the much older. But preschoolers don’t have to miss out on the fun with these New Year activities for preschool!

Over 20 fantastically fun and safe New Year activities for preschoolers! Activities to use in the classroom or at a New Year's Eve party at home!

These new year activities for preschool can be used at home, at daycare, or the preschool classroom. Pick one or two to try every year to find out what your favorite new year activities for preschool are from year to year!

Fun New Year Activities for Preschool 

If you have a preschooler, they may not make staying up until midnight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a blast during the new year!

You don’t have to do these new year activities for preschool just on January 1st, these New Year activities for preschool can be done any dreary January day

preschool stem challenges

Supplies for New Year Activities for Preschool

If you have STEM centers in your preschool classroom, then you’ll want to keep them fully stocked, especially during the new year.

Here are my favorite STEM supplies and ideas for kids to add to preschool STEM bins that will help 3-5 year olds with their new year activities for preschool and help them develop a lifelong love of STEM and a happy new year.

These STEM supplies and teacher resources are perfect for preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, and primary grade STEM classes!

outdoor math kit preschool

Outdoor Learning Math Classroom Set

science table kindergarten

Science Explorer Table

ozobot coding robot

Ozobot Primary Grade Coding Lessons

early education strm classroom kit

Primary Science Classroom Kit

primary science kit

Play and Learn STEM Kit

stem bins

Primary Grade STEM Bins

space reward teacher kar

Space Themed Reward Jar for Teachers

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Rubber Blocks Classroom Set

My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

These STEM products are perfect for the preschool STEM classroom!


Homer Technology App for Kids 4-6

mel science microscope kit

Mel Science Classroom STEM Kits

classroom balance buckets

Classroom Balance Buckets

classroom sorting set

Primary Sorting Classroom Bundle

color cubes

Transparent Color Cubes

clixo rainbow pack

Clixo Rainbow Classroom Pack

pet homes stem challenge kit 938 pc 14268695

Pet Home STEM Challenge

mirrored stacking stem

Stacking Mirror Blocks

guidecraft magnification blocks13844710

Magnification Blocks

mystery ball stem preschool

Gravity Physics Tubes

preschool investigation specimins

Specimen Viewers Classroom Set

Winter STEM Classroom Sets

If you don’t have time to gather the supplies yourself, you’ll love these winter science experiment kits for the classroom!

Most of these fun experiment boxes are designed for elementary school, but many of them touch on middle school science topics as well.

weather stem kit

Weather STEM Kit

snow scoop science

Snow Scoop STEM Challenge

igloo stem activity

Igloo STEM Challenge

winter stem kit classroom

Winter STEM Kit

How do you explain New Year to preschoolers?

Explaining the concept of a new year to preschoolers can be a bit tricky. Preschoolers are just learning about time and are rarely up late enough to ring in the new year.

That’s wy a new years day theme for the preschool classroom complete with new years activities for kids is the perfect way to help preschoolers explore the concept of a new year.

Any one of the following new year activities for preschool can be helpful in explaining the change of the year to three to five year old kids.

Easy New Year Activities for Preschoolers to Celebrate a New Year!

Try these fun new year activities for preschool with your class!

Preschoolers will love doing these arts and crafts on any new year’s eve or on any day in January!

preschool stem challenges

20 Easy Preschool Activities for New Year's Day

There are so many fun crafts and activities for kids to try to ring in the new year! Preschool teachers, parents, and daycare workers will love doing these New Year activities with their students.

And you can do these fun preschool activities any day in January, not just on December 31st!

Don’t miss out on new year fun! While doing your new year activities for preschool, why not pick out a fun winter shirt for teachers to wear during the lesson!

Winter Teacher Shirts

Here are some fun shirts that teachers will love wearing during the winter months.

winter things teacher shirt

Winter Things Teacher Shirt

snowflake kindness teacher shirt

Spread Kindness Like Snowflakes Teacher Shirt

snow days teacher shirt

Proud Supporter of Snow Days Teacher Shirt

reading is snow much fun teacher shirt

Reading is Snow Much Fun Teacher Shirt

i need a snow day teacher shirt

I Need a Snow Day Teacher Shirt

up to snow good teacher shirt

Up to Snow Good Teacher Shirt

supporter of snow days teacher shirt

Supporter of Snow Days Teacher Sweatshirt

winter themes teacher shirt

Winter Themes Teacher Shirt

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