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Seasonal STEAM activities for kids. STEAM projects with a fun seasonal twist! Don’t miss out on our favorite STEAM books for kids. 

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You’ll also find STEAM activities for every major holiday!

We know that a lot of summer camps don’t start until elementary school, which may be why you’re looking at how to do summer camp at home! If you need some preschool summer camp themes, these are tons of fun and designed with early learners in mind. From colors to pirates, preschoolers will have so …

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One thing that happens when kids reach middle school is that suddenly, for pricing purposes, they are “adults.” I don’t know who first invented that scam, but I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank. Rather than put a middle schooler into an incredibly pricy summer camp program, you can instead learn …

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Did you go to a traditional summer camp when you were a kid? My kids are in girl scouts, and one of their favorite activities in girl scouts are their summer programs. These summer camps focus on the fun, traditional camp experience (without the danger of the past). But you don’t have to be a …

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The first step in how to do summer camp at home is to get summer camp lesson plans! Because we are STEAMsational, we have tons of summer camp themes and ideas, but all our favorites have a STEM twist! You’ll find some of our favorite summer camp lessons here that will make every kid remember …

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If you’re learning how to do summer camp at home, then you need to pick a summer camp theme! These school age summer camp themes can be used with kids in school, from kindergarten all the way up through middle school! Although high schoolers might also like these summer camp activities, they are probably off …

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