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Seasonal STEAM activities for kids. STEAM projects with a fun seasonal twist! Don’t miss out on our favorite STEAM books for kids. 

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Fall STEM Activities

You’ll also find STEAM activities for every major holiday!

There is nothing like the crisp smell of apples when you feel that first nip of cool weather come the start of fall. We love celebrating early fall with apple STEM activities, and this time, we had so much fun making and playing with fluffy apple slime that smelled just like fresh apples! This apple …

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I had such fun making my apple fraction printable, I also made this apple tree life cycle worksheet for kids! This would be the perfect worksheet to go along with other apple STEM activities. Kids can learn about the life cycle of an apple tree as well as sequencing, which makes it the perfect thing …

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In this apple stacking game, preschoolers and kindergarten students can learn the basics of balance and design by playing this apple stacking game! When I was planning our apple STEM activities, I had a hard time coming up with original ideas for engineering.There are tons of amazing apple activity ideas online as well apple STEM challenges, …

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In this fun and educational apple rotting experiment, students will explore the process of organic decomposition and learn why apples, like all other organic matter, eventually breaks down into soil. This hands-on life science activity is a perfect addition to any apple STEM activities that your class is doing this year. Get ready to lead …

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Learn how to make homemade salt crystals and make salt crystal apples! They were super fun to make, and kept my preschooler fully engaged for several days as we watched the crystals grow larger and larger every day. This is a super fun STEM lesson plan that you can use as one of your fall …

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Try these fun apple STEM activities with the kiddos in the classroom or home this year! These apple activities for kindergarten and preschool will bring STEM to life starting in the early years! Let’s face it, sometimes the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are difficult to translate for a younger audience. How …

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