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Spring STEM Challenges: 20+Spring STEM Projects to Celebrate Spring!

When it comes to spring STEM activities, there are so many good ideas! These particular spring STEM projects are some of our very favorites and celebrate the arrival of spring. Kids will get to learn about life cycles, weather, earth’s changes, seasons, plants, and more! Keep reading to get to the list of STEM project ideas. You can click the links below to get directions and lesson plans for each of the spring STEM activities for kids.

Spring STEM projects bucket list! - Over 20 spring STEM activities to teach them about plants, life cycles, animals, weather, and more!

Before you get to the list of spring STEM projects, check out some tips on how to implement spring themes into your classroom this March, April, and May!

These spring STEM projects for kids include ideas for kids from preschool all the way through middle school and were chosen based on teacher feedback on what activities their students loved best!

Amazingly Creative Spring STEM Projects for Kids

Spring STEM projects bucket list! – Over 20 spring STEM activities to teach them about plants, life cycles, animals, weather, and more. Spring activities for preschoolers all the way through middle school that shake off the winter and celebrate the return of spring with science technology engineering and math.

Supplies for Spring STEM Projects

If you do any of the spring STEM projects on this list, you’ll want to check out these affiliate links for products that we love using in our classroom with our STEM activities!

Spring STEM Supplies for the Classroom

Here are some fun spring-themed activities and kits to add to your spring STEM activities.

nature boxes

Nature Exploration Boxes

prisim set

Classroom Prism Set

light exploration classroom set

Light Exploration Classroom Kit

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

mobile greenhouse

Mobile Greenhouse

vegetable garden classroom kit

Classroom Vegetable Growing Kit

prisim set

Botany Lab Experimental Greenhouse 

real insect specimins

Real Insect Life Cycle Specimens

ladybug land observation jar

Ladybug Observation Habitat

plant flower observation classroom kit

Classroom Plant Observation Kit

seeds book and gardening classroom set

Seeds Book and Classroom Flower Growing Kit

life science classroom kit

Life Science Classroom Kit

water cycle posters

Water Cycle Posters Classroom Kit

weather science center

Weather Science Center

lego flower pot building set

LEGO Watering Can Set

Don’t forget to pick up a set of our spring STEM challenge cards to use in your STEM centers this spring. Here’s how to set up a STEM center.

spring stem challenges

Shake Off the Winter with Exciting Spring STEM Lesson Plans!

If you want ready-to-go, low-prep spring lesson plans, you’ll love these resources for spring STEM activities for elementary, spring STEM activities for preschool, and spring STEM activities for middle school!

Click each link below to be taken to the printable spring STEM lesson plan bundles that you can download, print, and start using to teach science technology engineering and math all spring long!

More Spring STEM Projects to Try!

Here are even more printable spring STEM projects to try with your classroom this spring.

Spring Books for the Classroom

Here are some spring books that you can use in your classroom this spring to teach kids about spring science and other spring topics!

spring science books set

Spring Science Book Set

weather science book pack

Weather Science Book Set

april printable pack 3rd grade

April Classroom Printables Set

may printable pack 3rd grade

May Classroom Printables Set

Amphibians Reader Grade 1 3

Amphibians Science Reader

Birds Reader Grade 1 3

Birds Science Reader

Toads and Other Amphibians Reader Grade 3 8

Toads Science Reader

life cycle science books

Life Cycle Books Classroom Set

Spring into Science this Year with All Grade Spring STEM Activities!

We really love doing STEM projects, and these are some of our favorite STEM projects for spring.

I usually do these STEM activities with elementary kids, but you can also do these spring activities with middle school kids and some of them will work for preschool kids as well!

We really love doing STEM projects, and these are some of our favorite STEM projects for spring.

If you want activities for specific ages and grades, check out our spring STEM activities for preschool and spring STEM activities for middle school.

We also have spring STEM project ideas for every age from 3 to 15!

Spring STEAM Activities by Topic

If you want a spring STEM project that focuses on a specific STEAM topic, check out this list of spring STEM project ideas divided by topics.

Before checking out these individual spring STEM topic activities, you may also want to take a look at these printable spring STEM lesson plans to make your spring STEM lessons even easier to teach!

First, take a look at these spring STEM activity lists on various spring learning topics.

And now, check out spring STEM activities with a focus on science technology engineering and math below!

Spring Science Activities for Kids

These spring activities are all about spring science.

Try the Egg Shell Garden Science project and watch a plant grow right before your eyes!

If you want to know what type of soil to use to grow seeds, try the seed sprouting science experiment.

Try this Life Cycle of a Bee Activity and learn about an insect’s life cycle.

This Apple Tree Life Cycle Worksheet is so fun to use to learn about a tree life cycle.

Spring Shirts for Teachers

Whether you want to rep the newly growing flowers, the warm spring breeze, or your favorite spring animal or insect, you’ll find the perfect spring shirt for teachers here!

every day is a beautiful day to learn spring teacher shirt

Every Day is a Beautiful Day to Learn Teacher Shirt

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Banana Socks for Teachers

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Pansy Teacher Socks

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Strawberry Socks

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Rainbow Flower Teacher Earrings

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Every Flower Blooms Differently Teacher Shirt

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Teacher Flower Shirt

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Cat, Book, and Wildflowers Teacher Shirt

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Bee Attitudes Teacher Shirt

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Bee Kind Teacher Shirt

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Beaded Flower Earrings

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Spring Wildflower Teacher Shirt

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Shirt for Teachers

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Be the Light Spring Teacher Shirt

teach them love them watch them grow teacher shirt

Teach Them, Love Them, Watch Them Grow Shirt for Teachers

Spring Technology Activities for Kids

These spring learning activities include elements of technology.

Learn how to make a butterfly using static electricity.

This Light Refraction Experiment will show kids how light can make a rainbow.

Complete this flowers around the world worksheet activity with your students and teach them about what plants grow in what locations around the world.

Classroom Decorations for Spring

Here are some fun spring decorations to use to brighten up the classroom if spring outside is taking its time to arrive!

paper bug cutouts

Bug Paper Cutouts

4 season classroom door decorating kit

4 Season Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

bunny bulletin board

Bunny Bulletin Board

paper flower decorations classroom

Paper Flowers

spring holiday door decorating kit

Spring Holiday Classroom Door Decorating Kit

hanging flowers

Hanging Paper Flowers

farmers market deluxe classroom decorating kit 79 pc 14356242 a01

Farmer’s Market Classroom Decorating Kit

4 seasons classroom tree decoration

4-Season Classroom Tree

spring vibes classroom door decorating kit

Spring Vibes Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Get even more spring decorations for the classroom here!

Spring Engineering Activities for Kids

Springtime is also a time for learning about engineering with these creative spring engineering ideas.

When it comes to life cycles, 3D shapes are a lot of fun! Try this Butterfly Life Cycle Science Project.

How to Make a Cloud in a Jar teaches kids all about the water cycle and states of matter.

Make a Tornado in a jar and learn about severe weather.

Try the Earth Day LEGO Challenge and recreate a tree’s life cycle from LEGO.

spring stem challenges

Spring Art Activities for Kids

Kids can also learn through STEAM with these spring art activities that include STEM topics.

Use puffy paint to learn about Types of Clouds when your students make puffy paint clouds.

Explore the beauty of spring when exploring this bursting plant bud science activity.

This Color Changing Flowers Experiment shows kids how plants drink water and get nutrients.

Spring Math Activities for Kids

These math activities for spring cover a wide range of topics, ages, and learning targets.

Try the Watermelon Math Game and explore math hands-on and outdoors by spitting watermelon seeds and measuring how far they travel.

These adorable Strawberry Math Clip Cards teach the basics of subtraction and addition.

STEM Teaching Resources

These teaching resources will make your STEM classroom more fun and rewarding for your students!

stem activity worksheet

STEM worksheets

Unleash the inner scientist in your students with our STEM experiment kits for elementary kids.

STEM experiment kits

space erasers

Space erasers

planet erasers

Planet erasers

star erasers

Star erasers

science stem noteboooks

Mini science notebooks

science straws

Science crazy straws

science notepads

Science sticky notes

Science themed stickers

stem journal

STEM journal

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

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