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20+ Hoppy Frog Theme Activities with a STEM Twist

One of my favorite ways to teach is by using STEM lesson plans. STEM thematic units are often used in daycare, preschool and kindergarten to explore learning in a fun way. Try these frog STEM activities for preschoolers as part of your spring STEM activities. When spring arrives, why not learn with a fun frog theme and frog activities for kids! These frog theme activities will provide everything you need to create a rounded frog thematic unit with elements of literacy, math, science, reading, and more!

20+ frog activities for preschool! Introduce frog science with these hands-on frog crafts and activities in a fun preschool frog theme!

Kids will have a blast learning all about frogs and with frogs when completing these frog activities for preschool! Keep reading to view the list of activity ideas and get the instructions for each preschool frog activity.

How to Use Frog Activities for Preschool for a Preschool Frog Theme

I like to use STEM unit-based teaching to introduce STEM topics to preschoolers. A STEM thematic unit is a framework for teaching everything a young child needs to know, all centered around a central theme (in this case, frogs).

These frog activities for preschool include elements of math, reading, social studies, science, language arts, and STEM. Most thematic units are used at the preschool and kindergarten level, although you can also study using some elements of unit studies in older grades.

While most classroom teachers stop using thematic units around third grade, many homeschooling families use the concept of thematic units to learn well into middle school.

Frog Science Books for the Classroom

Here are some books to learn more about frogs with your class!

from tadpole to frog book

From Tadpole to Frog Book

the frog scientist book

The Frog Scientist Book

a frogs life cycle book

A Frog’s Life Cycle Book

frogs scholastic discovery book

Frogs: Scholastic Discovery Book

frog heaven book

Frog Heaven: Ecology of a Vernal Pool Book

frog song book

Frog Song Book

poison dart frogs book

Poison Dart Frogs Book

poison dart frogs up close book

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close Book

face to face with frogs national geographic book

Face to Face with Frogs National Geographic Book

science comics frogs

Science Comics: Frogs

why frogs are wet book

Why Frogs are Wet Book

If you need more spring theme ideas when you’re done completing your frog activities for preschool, check out our lessons on butterfly science, this fun hands-on flowers around the world worksheet, and our animal nutrition preschool activities.  

Frog Facts for Kids

Here are some fun frog facts you can share with your preschool classroom!

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Frogs are excellent jumpers! They use their powerful back legs to leap and hop around. Some frogs can jump up to 20 times their body length.

Frogs have smooth, moist skin that helps them stay hydrated. It also absorbs oxygen, which means they can breathe through their skin as well as their lungs.

Frogs catch their food, like insects and worms, by flicking out their long, sticky tongues. Their tongues can shoot out quickly to catch prey in the blink of an eye!

Planning a frog theme? These frog theme activities will give preschoolers and kindergarten kids everything they need to learn with a frog thematic unit! These frog activity ideas will make lesson planning a breeze. The perfect spring activities for the preschool classroom! #thematicunit #preschool #handsonlearning #springactivities

Frogs come in many different colors, like green, brown, red, and even blue! Some frogs can even change color to match their surroundings.

Most frogs start their lives as tadpoles, living underwater and breathing through gills. As they grow, they develop lungs and legs, and eventually, they become adult frogs that can live on land.

Frogs have big, bulging eyes that help them see in all directions. They can even see above and below the water at the same time!

Frogs are cold-blooded, which means their body temperature changes with the temperature of their surroundings. That’s why you’ll often see them sunbathing on rocks to warm up.

Frogs don’t have teeth like we do. Instead, they have a bony ridge in their mouths called a maxillary arch, which they use to hold onto their food before swallowing it whole.

Female frogs lay their eggs in water or in damp places. Some frogs even carry their eggs on their backs to keep them safe from predators until they hatch into tadpoles.

Preschool Frog Activities and Fun Frog Crafts for Kids

These frog activities for preschool offer a fun way to explore a topic around a central theme. In this case, the theme is frogs!

With frog activities for preschool, kids will use this frog theme for preschool printables and frog science preschool activities to learn about the frog life cycle and so much more!

Here are some examples of what preschoolers can learn when you put together a frog theme using these frog activities for preschool.

In science, kids learn about the frog life cycle. With technology frog activities for preschool, kids can learn about how scientists study frogs and use frogs to help learn about the world with hands-on frog crafts and activities.

With frog math activities for preschool, kids complete math activities using frog themes. Preschoolers can also use frog activities for preschool to learn reading comprehension, sequencing, art, themes, and a whole lot more!

There is almost no end to how much you can learn with a frog theme preschool activity.

Frog Teaching Resources

Here are some teaching resources you can use alongside any study of frogs!


Frog Math Busy Bag

frog life cycle mat

Frog Life Cycle Mat

frog math word probems

Frog Math Story Word Problems Box

tropical frogs memory match game

Tropical Frogs Memory Sort Game

frog timer

Frog Classroom Timer

amazing frogs of the world science kit

Amazing Frogs of the World Science Kit

life cycle sequencing puzzles 1

Life Cycle Sequencing Puzzles

frog life cycle blocks

Real Life Cycle Specimens

frog life cycle specimins

Frog Life Cycle Blocks

frog abacaus

Frog Abacus

fair and square bug kit 1

Fair and Square Insect Kit

sum swamp game 1

Sum Swamp Game

frog growing starter kit

Frog Raising Starter Kit

rainforest frog toys

Rainforest Frogs Toys

frog life cycle puzzle

Frog Life Cycle Puzzle

parts of a frog plushie

Parts of a Frog Plushie

4d frog anatomy model

4D Frog Anatomy Model

frog life cycle kit

Frog Life Cycle Kit

So, make sure you check out all the ideas listed for fun frog activities for preschool to create your own customized frog theme for preschool.

20+ Creative Frog Activities for Preschool

Use these creative frog activities for preschool to make your preschool frog activities and frog theme tons of fun!

If you want to introduce more fun spring activity ideas for preschool, try the STEM weather activities, rainbow science experiments, and our spring science experiments!

Frog Books for Kids

Here are some frog science books and books featuring frogs that you can use in your classroom to go along with any frog STEM activity!

amphibians science book 1

Amphibians Science Book

Toads and Other Amphibians 1

Toads and Other Amphibians Book

jump frog jump book

Jump Frog Jump Book

i dont want to be a frog book 1

I Don’t Want to Be a Frog Book

a spoonful of frogs

A Spoonful of Frogs Book

kids explore poison dart frog 1

Kids Explore Poison Dart Frogs

science comics frogs book 1

Science Comics: Frogs

tadpole to frog book 1

Tadpole to Frog Board Book

reptiles and amphibians for kids book 1

Reptiles and Amphibians for Kids Book

Hands-on Frog Activities for Preschool to Complete Your Frog Theme

Here are the fun activities that you can add to your preschool frog theme and hit all learning goals within the same theme!

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Fun Frog Activities for Preschool

3-5 year olds are the perfect age to learn about frogs! These frog activities for preschool will teach preschoolers all about frogs and use frog as a basis for learning all sorts of things that preschoolers will need to know before starting kindergarten.

Frog Shirts for Teachers

When learning about frogs, wear these awesome frog shirts for teachers!

frogs all over

Frog Hawaiian Shirt

teaching frogs shirt

Teaching Frogs Shirt

frog socks for teachers

Frog Socks for Teachers

poison dart frog shirt

Poison Dart Frog Shirt

dangerous poison frog shirt

Dangerous Frogs Shirt

happy frogs teaching shirt

Happy Frogs Teaching Shirt

cottagecore teacher shirt

Cottagecore Teacher Shirt

teach kids to read frog shirt

Teach Kids to Read Frog Teacher Shirt

100 days smarter frog shirt

100 Days of School 100 Days Smarter Frog Teacher Shirt

teaching is frog shirt

Teaching is Un-frog-gettable Teacher Shirt

read books be kind frog teacher shirt

Read Books Be Kind Frog Shirt

ultimate frog guide shirt

Ultimate Frog Guide Shirt

frog and toad book shirt

Frog and Toad Book Shirt

poison dart frog socks

Poison Dart Frog Socks

frog lifecycle shirt

Frog Life Cycle Shirt

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