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31 Creative STEM Weather Activities for the Classroom

If you are teaching about weather this year and are looking for more weather lesson plans, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find over 31 hands-on STEM weather activities for elementary and middle school.

With such a big hands-on element integral to STEM activities for kids, and since kids learn best with hands-on experiments, I always love bringing in weather STEM activities when learning about weather.

Dive into a world of fun with over 31 vibrant weather STEM activities and lesson plans tailored for elementary and middle school teachers.

Kids will have a blast learning about the weather with these simple weather STEM challenges.

STEM Weather Activities for the Classroom

These weather STEM activities are perfect for your classroom! These STEM weather activities will teach kids everything they need to know about weather through science, technology, engineering, and math!

In no time, you and your kids will be able to answer the biggest weather questions and tell anyone how weather works.

Weather STEM Lesson Topics

Studying weather can offer elementary students a rich array of learning opportunities that span across multiple disciplines. Here are some concepts that elementary kids can glean from studying weather:

Weather STEM Project Kits

Use these resources to go along with any weather STEM lesson to cover all aspects of weather and climate. Click on each image below to be taken to the site where you can learn more details about each weather STEM kit.

Weather Cycle Posters Classroom Kit

Weather Science Center

weather stem challenges

The Water Cycle

Understanding evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

Cloud Types

Identifying and differentiating between cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and nimbus clouds.

Weather Instruments

Learning about tools like thermometers, anemometers, barometers, and rain gauges.

Weather Patterns

Recognizing how high and low pressure systems affect the weather.

Factors Influencing Climate

Learning about latitude, altitude, ocean currents, and proximity to large bodies of water.

Graphing and Data Interpretation

Charting daily temperatures, precipitation amounts, or wind speeds.


Here are some of the best weather related toys that your students or kids at home will love playing with all while learning about the weather to go along with any STEM weather activities you are doing at school!

weather puzzle

Weather Shape Puzzle Kit

what s the weather stuffed hand puppets 6 pc 58 1017

What’s the Weather Stuffed Hand Puppets

weather squishes

Weather Glitter Squish Jellies 

wood weather board

Educational Wooden Weatherboard for Kids

season wise board game

Season Wise Preschool Game

wooden weather station

Wooden Weather Board

weather bath toy

Weather Bathtub Water Wheel

weather balancing game

Weather Balancing Game

weather sensory toy

Weather Themed Sensory Toy

steam powered girls weather station

STEAM Powered Girls Weather Station

Using tools to measure temperature, wind speed, and rainfall.

Cause and Effect

Understanding how different factors like ocean currents or atmospheric conditions can influence weather patterns.


Making predictions based on observed patterns or given data.

World Climates

Learning about the different climate zones (tropical, arid, temperate, etc.).

Geographical Influences

Observing how mountains, oceans, and other geographical features can affect local climates.

Impact on Daily Life

Realizing how weather affects what we wear, our activities, and even our mood.

Historical Context

Learning about significant weather events in history and their impacts on societies.

Exciting Weather STEM Activities for Elementary and Middle School Teachers!
Discover the magic of weather with over 31 captivating hands-on STEM weather activities and engaging weather lesson plans designed just for you.

Sample Weather Lesson Plan

Here is a sample weather lesson plan structure that you can use to plug in any of the STEM weather activities from the list below!

This weather and climate lesson plan provides a framework that will work when creating any weather lesson plan for kids.

Modify the lesson based on students’ prior knowledge, available materials, and time constraints.

Incorporating real-life stories, experiences, or local weather events can make the lesson more relevant and engaging for the students.

Weather Books for Kids

Kids will love reading these weather themed books that will easily fit into any of your lesson plans on weather and meteorology lesson plans.

Weather Science Book Set

Weather STEM Activity Objective

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify and describe the characteristics of different types of severe weather conditions, understand basic safety measures for each, and demonstrate their knowledge through a group activity.

  1. Begin with a discussion: Ask students if they have ever experienced any severe weather conditions. Let a few students share their experiences.
  2. Show a video or pictures of different severe weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, thunderstorms, etc.) to engage students.
  3. Introduce the concept behind the weather STEM activity that the students will be completing.
  4. Define and describe each type of severe weather:
    • Tornadoes: Funnel-shaped clouds that touch the ground.
    • Hurricanes: Large storms with strong winds that form over the ocean.
    • Blizzards: Heavy snowstorms with strong winds.
    • Thunderstorms: Rainstorms with thunder and lightning.
  5. For each weather type, discuss its causes, main characteristics, and where it’s most commonly found.
  6. Share safety tips for each type of severe weather. For example, during a tornado, it’s safest to be in a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor.

Hands-On Weather STEM Activity

  1. Divide the students into small groups and explain the directions for how to to the STEM weather activity you picked.
  2. After the activity is completed, allow each group to present their activity results to the rest of the class.
  3. Discuss each representation and ensure that key concepts have been understood.
weather stem challenges


Ensure each student has grasped the concept of the lesson by providing a worksheet or other follow-up materials to gauge student comprehension.

Weather Classroom Resources

These weather classroom resources about weather bring a whole new level of excitement and hands-on learning to the STEM classroom.

When you are teaching about weather, extreme weather lesson plans become much easier to do with these STEM weather activity resources.

Biomes Bulletin Board Set

Earth Science Learning Charts 

artic science box

Arctic Science Box

weather station slide 2

Electronic Weather Station


Coding Bot Sundial Kit

weather station

Classroom Weather Center

weather pattern blocks

Seasons & Weather Pattern Block Puzzle Set

weather calendar

Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart Kit

weather classroom kit

Investigating Everyday Phenomena, Weather Patterns Classroom Kit

STEM Weather Activities for Kids

Use these STEM weather activities to teach kids about the science behind weather patterns and where their weather comes from.

31 Weather STEM Challenges that will Blow You Away

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that will spark curiosity and creativity in your students? Look no further! Our collection of weather STEM activities is here to bring sunshine into your classroom.

Imagine the excitement as your students explore the mysteries of tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms through interactive activities. With our expertly crafted lesson plans, you can effortlessly guide your students through the world of weather while nurturing their scientific thinking.

Weather Shirts and Accessories for Teachers

Wear this adorable weather-themed gear while your students learning about weather!

sun socks for teachers

Sun Socks for Teachers

raindrop cloud socks for teachers scaled

Raindrop Teacher Socks

weather inside shirt

What’s The Weather Like Inside Me Teacher T-Shirt

rainbow earrings

Rainbow Heart Acrylic Earrings

sunshine shirt

Sunshine Rainbow Teacher T-Shirt

lightening bolt earrings

Rainbow Lightning Earrings

rain shirt

No Rain No Flowers Teacher T-Shirt

good day to teach sun shirt

It’s A Good Sunny Day To Learn Teacher T-Shirt

rain cloud earrings

Cloud Raindrop Earrings

storm shirt

Calm Yourself The Storm Will Pass Teacher T-Shirt

ms frizzle umbrella earrings

Ms. Frizzle Umbrella Earrings

snowflake earrings

Winter Snowflakes Metal Earrings

rain cloud socks for teachers

Rain and Clouds Socks for Teachers

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