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Easy Static Electricity Science Experiment with a Comb

Continuing our super-easy creative STEM activities try this static electricity science experiment. This experiment is so simple that I thought Monkey wouldn’t be interested at all, and almost didn’t try it, but she loved it!

Keep reading to learn how to do this super easy static electricity comb and paper experiment.

How does static electricity work? Show kids how static electricity works in this easy static electricity science experiment!

How to Do the Static Electricity Science Experiment

This experiment shows children the power of static electricity first-hand.

Comb and Paper Experiment Science

When you rub the comb in your hair it creates a static charge by collecting electrons on the comb, which have a negative charge.

When you bring the comb near the toilet paper, it sucks the toilet paper to the comb because the negatively charged electrons are trying to become positive again.

Static Electricity Science Project Hypothesis

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A science site I visited pointed out that this is a science demonstration, not an experiment, if you don’t ask questions and try to come up with a hypothesis. We made our experiment more scientific by asking a few of the following questions:

  • How small do the paper particles have to be before they will jump to the comb?
  • Do other particles become attracted to the comb?
  • Does the material of the comb matter?
  • How long will the static charge hold?
  • What happens to the paper when the charge is gone?

Here is a fun printable you can use to save in a science notebook.

How does static electricity work? Show kids how static electricity works in this easy static electricity science experiment!
Click the photo above to download the PDF.

Static Electricity Science Experiment Variation

You can also do this experiment with water. Repeat the same steps, but instead of using paper particles, turn the sink on to a slow trickle. Then hold the charged comb right next to the water.

The stream should move to try and touch the comb.

It’s pretty cool that static electricity can affect both water and paper in the same way!

You can also use the same charging process to pull in light objects to the comb like dirt, fuzz, or sequins.

What You Need for this Static Electricity Experiment

You’ll need these things before you can do this electricity experiment.

  • Comb
  • Toilet paper
  • Other tiny objects (like dirt or tiny sequins)
  • Smooth surface
  • Water (optional)

Directions for the Static Electricity Science Project

First, tear the toilet paper into tiny pieces. The smaller the better! Next, lay them on a smooth surface, like a table.

Rub the comb in your hair to create a static charge. We found it worked best when we “teased” the comb through the hair.

Want a super-easy science demonstration for static electricity? This static electricity for kids experiment is easy and fun for kids of all ages.

Or, if you are used to making static electricity with a balloon, use the same motion that you use to rub the balloon on your head.

Monkey loved this part of the experiment.

When the comb is charged, bring it close to the pieces of paper. They will magically jump on the comb.

After we were done doing the official experiment, Monkey continued to test out the process on her own. I consider that a successful project!

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