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Creative STEM Activities for Kids: 31 Ideas To Try Right Now!

In this STEM activity series, all day every day is science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at STEAMsational. 

We love STEM activities, and we are so excited to be sharing all of our STEM experiments and creative STEM activities for kids with you!

Monkey, Bo, and I had a blast making these experiments and learning more about the field of STEM.

We hope you enjoy this list of creative STEM projects for kids!

Looking for ideas for STEM activities for kids? Look no further than these 31 simple and fun STEM projects for kids that will make your STEM activities and STEM experiments fun. Kids will have a blast with these creative STEM projects! #stemactivities #stem #science #kidsactivities

What is a Creative STEM Project?

STEM is the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and how each specific subject is important and related to the others.

For example, you can’t really study chemistry without having a firm grasp on math. You can’t study engineering effectively without a firm base in science.

STEM studies are simply a way to incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to learning.

The STEM subjects are the cornerstone subjects for many modern careers and a strong basis in STEM will help children succeed throughout life by not only teaching them valuable skills but also by teaching them to think critically and logically about the world around them.

Looking for ideas for STEM activities for kids? Look no further than these 31 simple and fun STEM projects for kids that will make your STEM activities and STEM experiments fun. Kids will have a blast with these creative STEM projects! #stemactivities #stem #science #kidsactivities

What Can Kids Learn Doing Creative STEM Activities?

A STEM activity is about more than just the lessons in science, technology, engineering, and math.

A STEM activity, at the root, shows children how to problem solve in a logical, creative way.

Kids aren’t just doing science experiments, they are learning valuable skills they can take with them into any career.

Creative STEM activities for kids teach kids the following skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Choosing the right tools for a job
  • How to work as a group
  • How to apply creative thinking to technical problems
  • Integrating several school subjects at once
  • How to deal with failure
  • Work ethic
  • Data recording
  • Logic

The benefits of STEM education go far beyond just the lesson of the day.

Looking for ideas for creative STEM activities for kids? Kids will have a blast with these 31 creative STEM projects and creative science activities!

31 Creative STEM Activities for Kids

elementary stem challenge cards

Here is what you will find in our 31 days of STEM activities for kids series:

STEM Activity Ideas for Science

creative science ideas

Fun and easy science experiments that illustrate the basics of chemistry and beyond!

Classic Vinegar and Baking Soda Volcano

You can’t be a kid and get away with not making a baking soda and vinegar volcano!

Ooozy, Easy Slime

This classic borax slime is a wonderful science experiment on polymer chains.

The science Behind Quicksand

Have you heard of non-Newtonian fluids? They are so much fun to play with in science class.

Surface Tension Exploration with Milk

Learn about surface tension in this easy science experiment.

Using the Scientific Method to Make Butter

Did you know that it’s a scientific process that makes butter? Make your own and learn!

How to turn a penny green- with science!

Turn a penny green and learn about erosion and much more!

Epsom Salt Crystal Science

Make these Epson salt crystals overnight!

How Long Does it Take Bread to Mold?

The classic bread mold science experiment will inspire a new generation of children fascinated by gross things.

Build Your Own Tornado

Make a tornado in a jar for science learning fun.

10 Easy Science Experiments

Try these easy science experiments and get those science wheels turning!

Quick and Easy STEM Activities for Technology

creative science activities

All children need to learn how to navigate the rapidly-changing world of technology. These posts make it a little easier!

Stay Safe on the Phone

Use these tips for keeping kids safe on phones and with technology.

Make a Stop-Motion Video

A stop-motion video is a fun way to explore STEM!

Build a Minecraft Chessboard

Make a chessboard in Minecraft!

How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Use these tips to keep kids safe online.

Coding Apps for Kids

These coding apps for kids will help teach programming from a young age.

Educational You-Tube Channels for Kids

These YouTube channels are educational and full of STEM learning!

6 Easy Ways to Raise Tech-Savvy Kids

Kids need to know how to safely use technology. Use this info to ensure they do!

STEM Ideas for Engineering

creative stem activities for kids

Engineering skills help children learn to be creative and solve specific problems set before them.

Try these engineering for kids projects to boost your kids’ engineering skills!

Testing the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Foil

Learn about aluminum foil and its mechanical properties.

How to Build a Q-Tip Tower

Use cotton swabs as building materials! Can you build a bridge?

Egg Drop Engineering Challenge

The classic egg drop engineering challenge offers a chance to build creative STEM and engineering skills.

Paper Airplane Engineering Challenge

Design the best flying paper airplane.

Will an Egg Crate Airplane Fly?

Build an airplane from egg crates and see if you can get it to fly!

How Strong is Spaghetti?

Determine the strength of spaghetti when it is in one piece, then how strong it is when you add more pieces!

6 Easy and Fun Engineering Projects for Kids

Try these fun engineering projects to boost engineering skills!

Simple STEM Projects for Math

creative stem activities

These fun free math games and projects will keep your children having fun with math while preventing summer slide at the same time!

Multiplication Dice Game

Use dice to practice multiplication skills.

Uno Math Game

Discover the learning side of Uno with this math-themed uno variation.

Math Fraction Art Project

Make art out of fractions.

What is a Mobius Strip?

A Mobius strip is a fun math challenge for kids. It’s a single piece of paper, but it has more sides than it should!

Learn Math with a Play Store 

Make learning about money easy with a play store. Print your own store printables to use!

10 Excellent Math Apps for Kids

These math apps will help kids learn math faster, easier, and with more fun!

6 Fun Hands-On Math Projects for Kids

If you prefer your math hands-on, then you’ll love these hands-on math projects for kids.

Disney STEM Activities

Sometimes you have to think outside the box a bit when it comes to creative STEM activities! These Disney STEM activities are as creative as they get!

elementary stem challenge cards

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