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10 Easy and Fun Science Activities for Kids!

Here are STEAMsational, sometimes we study STEM topics together, and sometimes we break them apart into individual areas of interest. Today, I’m sharing my favorite easy science experiments for kids with you that are perfect for new science teachers, new STEM directors, homeschoolers, and caregivers who want to do more science at home!

We love science activities of all kinds, and we can’t wait to try them all. If you’re looking for a fast and simple science experiment for all ages, we’ve got you covered!

Looking for easy science experiments or science projects for kids? Look no further! These 10 easy ideas are always crowd pleasers.

10 Easy Science Experiments Kids Can’t Mess Up!

These science experiments are so much fun for kids in elementary school. I first started doing STEM with my kids when they were about three years old, and most of these science experiments will also work for preschoolers, with a little more adult help, that is!

Before you jump into doing these science experiments, make sure you have the supplies you need first!

science experiment worksheet

Must-Have Science Experiment Supplies

Before you do any experiment, check out our recommended list of supplies for science experiments.

But if you can’t wait, you can start shopping right now using the links below.

My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

These STEM products are perfect for the preschool STEM classroom!


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Magnification Blocks

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Gravity Physics Tubes

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Specimen Viewers Classroom Set

If you love science and STEM but don’t like hunting for supplies, we love the Mel Science kits. They have options for elementary and middle school, and each kit comes with all the supplies needed for each experiment!

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Fun and Easy Science Activities for Kids

Looking for easy science experiments? Kids will love these supper easy science activities! Even if your kids or you are brand new to science, you can’t go wrong with any of these simple projects!

Don’t forget to download our free science worksheet to use alongside your science experiment!

Kids will love making these Epsom salt crystals!

A classic for a reason, the bread mold experiment is simple and always has great results! My kids like to pretend to gag when they see mold, which is an added bonus.

This impressive science experiment teaches children about vortexes and makes them feel powerful by allowing them to create their very own tornado.

This surface tension experiment using milk and dish soap has surprising results!

This cornstarch quicksand was my kids’ favorite science activity that we did in this series. If you have large speakers, you can even make the cornstarch mixture dance!

A second favorite behind the cornstarch quicksand, my girls really loved making and playing with this slime. It’s a simple and fun lesson in how polymers are formed.

A classic for a reason, the baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment always has impressive results. 

science experiment worksheet

Another classic, turning a penny green is a fun way to show children how oxidation works in action. Monkey was convinced people used dye before we did this experiment.

This experiment was MY favorite. How cool is it to turn cream into butter? The girls also loved shaking up the jar until the butter was made. It is so much fun to see cream turn into butter right before your eyes!

Try all of these easy science experiments and let us know which one was your favorite! Are there any other easy science demonstrations that you love doing with kids?

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