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15 Fun Snow Experiments for Kids to Do in the Snow!

Do you live in an area where snow falls? Although we live in Texas, we occasionally get enough snow to try some of these snow experiments. Snow science for kids is a fun way to learn about the science of snow, and to learn a lot more STEM thinking that helps children in elementary school learn to think like a scientist. These snow experiments make the perfect addition to winter science experiments.

15 super fun, super cold snow experiments to try with real or fake snow! When snow starts falling, it's time to take it inside for science!

Kids will have a blast doing these snow science for kids experiments!

Learn about Snow Science with these Hands-on Snow Experiments!

Use our FREE STEM worksheet with your students to complete these fun winter science experiments using real snow. Add any of these to your winter STEM activities for kids!

STEM extension worksheets

What is snow?

How does snow form?

What experiment can you do with snow?

There are a lot of snow experiments that you can do with real snow. For example, it’s a great way to teach kids about states of matter.

You can discuss volume vs density as you watch snow melt into water. You can explore water filtration and how frost and snow is formed in the clouds.

You can also discuss weather patterns, seasons, what happens to molecules in cold weather, and how snowflakes form.

These snow experiments explore all these concepts and more!

What STEM activities can you do with real snow?

Winter Science Experiment Checklist

Here are some essentials that you need for your snowy science experiments.

For these winter science experiments, whether you are doing science experiments for preschoolers or science experiments for elementary or middle school students, we suggest using some of these supplies and snow science resources!

Winter Weather Books for Kids

The Story of Snow Science Book

Hello Winter Science Book

All about Winter Weather Book

Watching the Seasons Winter

The Winter Solstice

Curious about Snow

Snow: My Incredible World

National Geographic Winter Wonderland

winter stem challenge cards

STEM Teaching Resources

These teaching resources will make your STEM classroom more fun and rewarding for your students!

stem activity worksheet

STEM worksheets

Unleash the inner scientist in your students with our STEM experiment kits for elementary kids.

STEM experiment kits

space erasers

Space erasers

planet erasers

Planet erasers

star erasers

Star erasers

science stem noteboooks

Mini science notebooks

science straws

Science crazy straws

science notepads

Science sticky notes

Science themed stickers

stem journal

STEM journal

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

Winter STEM Classroom Sets

If you don’t have time to gather the supplies yourself, you’ll love these winter science experiment kits for the classroom!

Most of these fun experiment boxes are designed for elementary school, but many of them touch on middle school science topics as well.

weather stem kit

Weather STEM Kit

snow scoop science

Snow Scoop STEM Challenge

igloo stem activity

Igloo STEM Challenge

winter stem kit classroom

Winter STEM Kit

15 Sparkling Snow Experiments to Try with Kids in the Winter

Here are some super fun science experiments using snow to try with your elementary and middle school students this winter. These are the best winter science experiments that use real snow, rather than a fake snow STEM activity.

And if you need more snow science ideas, check out our FREE winter STEM challenge cards and STEM idea sparks for elementary students.

winter stem challenge cards

Frosty Snow Science Experiments for Kids

Snow experiments are snow much fun! Check out this list of fun hands-on snow science using real snow perfect for elementary students and middle school students to do in January, February, or March when there is snow on the ground.

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