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Simple Weather Science Experiments for Kids

When spring showers arrive, it is the perfect time to harness kids’ natural curiosity about the weather with weather science experiments!

What makes thunder? Why does it rain? How are clouds formed? How do meteorologists determine if it’s going to be rainy or sunny?

These weather science experiments for kids will teach kids about weather, weather patterns, clouds, and more with these super-fun, hands-on weather activities!

Try these weather science experiments and learn all about weather science in a hands-on way that kids will love! Weather science for kids is so much fun!

These weather STEM activities are the perfect addition to any weather unit study!

What are Weather Experiments for Kids?

A weather experiment is simply a science experiment that teaches a concept about the weather. In most cases, these experiments are actual weather science demonstrations, as they demonstrate a wider scientific concept.

To be a true weather experiment, kids must solve a problem using a question, hypothesis, and by testing variables.

These are important and can be done with weather science themes, but often, teaching weather concepts through science demonstrations are also important!

Try these weather science experiments and learn all about weather science in a hands-on way that kids will love! Weather science for kids is so much fun!

So, go ahead and have fun with these weather experiments for kids!

You can find topics such as weather patterns, extreme weather, preparing for weather, and more!

Answer all these questions and more with weather experiments for kids!

And save these experiments in your box of science fair project ideas.

Simple Weather Science Experiments for Kids

Try these fun weather science projects and learn more about how weather works! Who knows, you just might be teaching a future meteorologist!

If you’re in a rush, these are our favorite weather science kits.

Or, keep exploring the weather projects for kids outlined below! They are perfect for kids in elementary!

Extreme Weather Science Experiments

weather science experiments

Tornado in a Jar 

Make a tornado in a jar and learn about vortexes, weather patterns, circular air, extreme weather, and more!

Snow Storm in a Jar

Make your very own snow storm in a jar! Learn about the science of blizzards and how snow storms are formed.

Frost in a Jar

Learn how freezes happens with this exciting frost in a jar science experimnet!

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Find out how snowflakes form and the science of crystals in this fun science experiment!

Instant Ice Science Experiment

Learn how to make ice in just 5 seconds and learn all about snap freezing.

Cloud Science Experiments

Puff Paint Cloud Types

Learn about the different types of clouds.

Raining Rainbow Cloud

Make a rainbow cloud that is sometimes called fireworks in a jar!

How Clouds Make Rain

Learn how clouds make rain!

Rain Science Experiments

weather science projects

Water Cycle in a Bag

Use a bag to learn about the water cycle.

Water Cycle Discovery Bottle

If you don’t have a bag, you can also create your own water cycle inside of a bottle!

spring stem challenges

Temperature Science Experiments

weather science projects

Hot and Cold Temperature Experiment

Learn how hot and cold temperatures won’t mix, which influences air pressure, wind, and weather.

How to Make Frost

Ever wonder how frost forms? Now you can learn how to make frost in a can and learn about condensation and how frost forms.

Make a Science Weather Station

Build a weather station and use it to track weather patterns near your school or house.

Make a Rain Gauge

How much rain has fallen? You won’t know unless you make a rain gauge.

Make a Barometer

Follow these instructions to make your own barometer.

Wind Science Experiments

weather science activities

How Fronts Work

Have you ever wondered how fronts work? Now you can show kids how they work in a way that every kid can understand.

Make Lightening

Did you know you can make your own lighting? Right inside your house? Kids will love this one.

Make a Hurricane in a Bowl

You’ve made a blizzard in a jar, now make a hurricane in a bowl!

Air Pressure Experiment

Determine how air pressure works, and what that means for weather.

Weather Science Experiments for Preschoolers

If you need weather science experiments for preschoolers, check out our list of weather science experiments for preschoolers that are specially designed for younger learners.

Weather Science Experiments for Kindergarten

Need some weather science that kindergarten kids can do? Check out this list of weather science experiments for kindergarten that won’t overwhelm new learners.

Weather Science Experiments for Elementary

There are so many fun weather science experiments! These weather science experiments for elementary are designed with elementary students in mind!

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