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100+ Science Fair Project Ideas for Grades 2nd-8th

Even though science is meant to be exploratory and exciting, there is something about being judged at a science fair that strikes fear into the heart of students and parents alike.

Suddenly, what you do in science is *graded,* which means you can fail science?

Of course there is no such thing as a failed science experiment, but if your students or children are participating in a science fair this year, you’ll find this list of creative and easy science fair project ideas will help eliminate much of the stress surrounding science fair planning.

Over 100 science fair projects ideas for elementary through middle school! Kids in 2nd-8th grade will love these easy science fair projects.

Easy and Fun Science Fair Project Ideas that Kids will Adore!

You don’t have to stress about attending the school science fair! These science fair project ideas will be adored by kids from age 7 through age 14.

Keep reading to learn more about science projects and how to ensure students are maximizing their science project potential.

What is a Science Fair Project?

A science fair is a longstanding tradition that many elementary, middle, and high schools have where students conduct scientific research and share their presentations before judging.

A science fair project should include all of the following elements before entering a science fair:

  • Background research
  • Bibliography and source list
  • A question to answer and a hypothesis to test
  • Experiment variables
  • Data recording and analysis of the experiment
  • Conclusion report
  • Visual presentation

If your science fair project includes all of these elements, you are well on your way toward a winning science fair project idea!

What Do Kids Learn Doing Science Fairs?

Kids who do science projects report greater confidence and understanding of all scientific concepts, both in what they explored and the scientific process in general.

Learning to analyze and explore data helps children approach other tasks in a logical, straightforward process which helps improve study skills and communication skills.

One of the greatest values that science fair projects bring is the ability to identify problems and work toward a solution. That is an invaluable skill that kids can use throughout life.

Of course, kids learn the basics of whatever scientific concept they are learning, plus the scientific method, which involved:

  • Hypothesis
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Variables
  • Retesting
  • Analyzing and Recording Data

But more than that, kids also learn other valuable skills like:

  • Presenting an idea
  • Creating a presentation
  • Organizing data
  • Analyzing data
  • Patience and orderliness
  • Working with others
  • Precision and care
  • Adapting to changes
  • Communication skills

These skills are important far beyond the classroom!

What You Need for a Science Fair

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand before doing your science fair project. Shop the included Amazon storefronts to make things easier and don’t forget to download the free science fair planning checklist before getting started!

science fair display board example

Science Fair Project Planning

When you’re planning your project, you want to keep everything organized. Click the image below to get my free science fair project checklist so you can start organizing your project from the start.

You may also want to check out this list of science fair project research supplies.

Supplies for a Science Fair Project

There are so many supplies for science fair projects that are individual to each project, but if you want a general list of possible supplies and inspiration for your project, check out my selection of science fair experiment supplies on Amazon.

Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

Your science fair presentation is important! It should look presentable and eye-catching. Check out this list of my favorite science fair presentation supplies.

science fair display board example

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The Ultimate List of Easy Science Fair Project Ideas

These science fair project ideas are easy for kids of all ages and will provide a lot of value and interest at the school science fair.

We have science fair projects included by topic and by grade level so you can pick the right sort of projects for your class or child.

Science Fair Topics

Sometimes kids want to start with a topic and choose a science fair project from there! Here is a collection of fun science projects that include a variety of topics from colors to mold.

Here are some fun science projects for kids at home that would make a good addition to any science fair.

Of course every kid should try some of these classic science fair projects.

Now some schools are having STEM fairs in addition to or instead of science fairs, so these slime STEM fair projects would be perfect.

These slime science projects will capture the attention of any slime lover.

Try these science fair projects with LEGOs with kids who can’t get enough of LEGO.

Fun and tasty candy science fair projects will help even science haters enjoy the science fair.

Want more color in your science fair? Try these science experiments with food coloring!

Learn about the heart with these heart science projects.

Some kids can’t sit still, and these science fair projects for active kids are for them!

What kid wouldn’t have tons of fun doing marshmallow science fair projects?

Children will love the variety of choices in this list of crystal science fair projects.

science fair display board example

More Science Fair Experiment Ideas

You will love these other science experiment ideas!

100 Science Experiments for Kids that Use Materials You Already Own!

20 Fun Science Experiments with LEGOs

25 Rainbow Science Experiments with Bright and Beautiful Colors

Science Fair Projects by Grade

Age-appropriate activities are a must for keeping children interested in science fairs. Take a look at the resources I’ve collected below that show science fair projects that are suitable for elementary kids and middle school kids!

Take a look at the resources I've collected below that show science fair projects that are suitable for every grade from preschool through 8th grade!

If you are part of an elementary science fair, these elementary science fair project ideas will blow away the competition!

If you want to get seasonal, check out these Easter science projects for middle school.

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