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25 Rainbow Science Experiments with Bright and Beautiful Colors

Love rainbows? You won’t want to miss these amazing, happy rainbow science experiments for kids. So many ways to learn with rainbows! If you love rainbows, you won’t want to miss these exciting ways to learn with rainbows through rainbow science experiments! Rainbows are the perfect way to introduce scientific concepts to little ones, because who doesn’t love colorful rainbows?

Love rainbows? You won't want to miss these amazing, happy rainbow science experiments for kids. So many ways to learn with rainbows!

These rainbow science projects will keep kids learning in a fun way all year long!

Why Do Rainbow Science Experiments?

A rainbow is an everyday occurrence, but there is a lot that kids can learn with a rainbow theme!

The rainbow itself is a powerful illustration of reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light. Rainbows appear when water droplets are in the atmosphere, and when light shines on them just right, you can see the entire visible light spectrum.

That is an exciting sight for most kids, but you don’t have to *just* learn about the rainbow with a real rainbow.

Many kids are rainbow-obsessed, so rainbows are a fun tool for exploring other science themes.

What makes something fun more than bright, happy colors?

Pretty much nothing, which is why we’re such huge fans of making a rainbow science experiments!

What You Need for a Science Fair

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Science Fair Project Planning

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Supplies for a Science Fair Project

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Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

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The Ultimate List of Rainbow Science Experiments

Try these fun rainbow science experiments to explore the world of rainbows in a fun, educational way! There is so much to learn about colors, light, and more when completing these rainbow science projects.

Add these colorful experiments to you science fair project ideas.

Rainbow Experiments with Milk

You can use milk to learn about rainbows, too.

Make Magic Milk Rainbows and explore surface tension.

Rainbow Science Activities with Water

Make these rainbows in water!

Learn how plants get water with the walking rainbow experiment.

Make a Rainbow Density Jar and explore the density of liquids with color!

Make these Salt Crystal Rainbows to explore solutions and crystal formation using salt.

Try the Rainbow Ice and Salt Experiment for learning at the preschool level.

Kids will be fascinated by the Disappearing Rainbow Science activity.

How to Make a Rainbow Indoors

You don’t have to go outside to make rainbows!

Kids will love this rainbow variation on the classic naked eggs experiment. Don't just make naked rubber eggs, make rainbow rubber eggs!

Try the Rainbow Rubber Eggs Experiment and learn about dissolving and osmosis.

Draw a rainbow with the Rainbow-Drawing Unicorn Scribble Bot.

Teach color mixing with the Rainbow Color Mixing Flower.

Make Rainbow Patterns using an old CD or DVD.

Rainbow in a Glass Experiments

Make these rainbows inside of jars.

Try the Raining Rainbow Experiment and learn how clouds work.

Find out how plants drink in the Color Changing Rainbow Flowers Experiment.

Rainbow Explosion Experiments

Nothing says science like an explosion of color!

Love rainbows? You won't want to miss these amazing, happy rainbow science experiments for kids. So many ways to learn with rainbows!

Kids will love making these Colorful Fizzing Rainbows .

Mix rainbows and the science of freezing with the Frozen Rainbow Explosions .

Make Rainbow Rockets for truly explosive learning.

Sugar Rainbow Experiments

Science can be tasty, too!

Make a Sugar Rainbow Density Tower and learn about density.

Learn about dissolving with a Skittles Rainbow.

Try the M&M Candy Rainbow experiment!

Rainbow Experiments using Chemistry

Kids will love these rainbow chemistry experiments!

Love rainbows? You won't want to miss these amazing, happy rainbow science experiments for kids. So many ways to learn with rainbows!

Make your own Rainbow Slime!

Try this Fluffy Rainbow Slime Recipe to learn about polymer chains.

Make Glittery Rainbow Slime and explore molecular bonds!

Make Foaming Rainbows inside of Easter eggs.

How to Make a Rainbow with a Prism and Light

If you have a prism, you can make these fun rainbow science experiments!

Try Rainbow Prism Exploration!

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