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20+ Fantastical Carnival Science Experiments for Kids

If you have young kids at home, then you know the struggle of trying to keep up with them! When it comes to my kids, it’s always about science activities and experiments.

I was really excited when I realized I could make carnival STEM activities to try with my kids.

These carnival science experiments are a great way to get your kids excited about science, and bring some magic into the classroom (or your kitchen!).

Bring the carnival right into the classroom by having your kids test everything from the science of carnival games to cotton candy and bring the magic of a carnival to life.

20+ amazing and creative carnival science experiments for kids! Learn about the science behind the magic with these carnival activities!

Exciting and Fun Carnival Science Experiments for Kids

Who doesn’t love a good carnival? For me, a carnival is all about fried foods, rides that make you sick to your stomach, shining lights, and of course, so much sugar!

These carnival themed science experiments are all about bringing the magic of the carnival into the STEM classroom.

And research shows that doing fun, hands-on science is beneficial for kids of all ages, so bring on the carnival science fun! After trying these activities, come up with your own ideas to study at the carnival!

These experiments would make great science fair project ideas.

What to Buy for Carnival Experiments

There are a lot of fun things you can add that are carnival-themed for your STEM classroom. These are some of my favorites (and you can find them on Amazon with Prime shipping!).

What You Need for a Science Fair

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand before doing your science fair project. Shop the included Amazon storefronts to make things easier and don’t forget to download the free science fair planning checklist before getting started!

science fair display board example

Science Fair Project Planning

When you’re planning your project, you want to keep everything organized. Click the image below to get my free science fair project checklist so you can start organizing your project from the start.

You may also want to check out this list of science fair project research supplies.

Supplies for a Science Fair Project

There are so many supplies for science fair projects that are individual to each project, but if you want a general list of possible supplies and inspiration for your project, check out my selection of science fair experiment supplies on Amazon.

Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

Your science fair presentation is important! It should look presentable and eye-catching. Check out this list of my favorite science fair presentation supplies.

science fair display board example

Our Favorite Carnival Science Experiments for Kids

Check out our favorite carnival science activities below! A few are good for preschool, most can be done by elementary students, and a few will be favorites in middle school!

Pick out the activities that spark your imagination and get to learning about the science of the carnival!

Kids will have so much fun with these science experiments inspired by carnivals and the state fair.

Check out our favorite carnival science activities below! A few are good for preschool, most can be done by elementary students, and a few will be favorites in middle school!

What is better than eating sugar? Making it yourself! And in this Rock Candy Experiment kids can learn about the science of making candy!

Students will love doing this fun Dancing Popcorn Experiment.

Watch your kids as they are amazed with this fun Elephant Toothpaste Explosion Experiment!

Grab a balloon and learn all about laminar flow and how carnival fountains work with this Laminar Flow Science Experiment.

Lights are a huge part of any carnival! These Light Experiments for Kids will capture the magic of the carnival and teach kids the basics of electrical engineering.

Explore different states of matter with this Cotton Candy Experiment.

Race balloons to see who is faster with this fun Balloon Rocket Race.

Use strips of construction paper to make your own Roller Coaster Paper Sculpture.

Your kids will love inflating their own balloons with this fun Self Inflating Balloon science experiment.

Let your kids pretend to be firebreathers in this fun Dragon Fire Science Experiment.

Learn what happens when you mix light in this fun Color Mixing Light experiment.

Teach your kids about mirrors and lights with this fun Mirror and Light Science Exploration.

Your kids will love finding out what the best way to make popcorn is with this Popcorn Science STEM Investigation.

Teach your kids about balance and weight with this homemade balance DIY Balance Beam activity.

Kids will love this carnival experiment and learn all about The Trick to Beating a Carnival Game.

Have you ever done carnival themed science with your kiddos before?

What did they love the most?

Let me know in the comments which activities you loved the most!

science fair display board example

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