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Carnival Classroom Theme Inspiration to Make School Fun

When it comes to classroom decorations and classroom door decorations, there is no end to the creativity that some people are able to think of!

I love classroom decorations, but sometimes I need a bit of inspiration to get going. If you’re the same way, you’ll love learning how to make your own carnival classroom theme.

Kids will have a blast with the cheery, colorful decor, and you’ll enjoy seeing it too!

And who knows, maybe you’ll finally win that classroom decorating contest.

Exciting carnival classroom theme that will get kids excited to learn! Carnival classroom door ideas and carnival door decorations that will inspire!

How to Set Up a Carnival Themed Classroom

Sometimes people confuse circus classroom themes with carnival classroom themes, but I think they are totally different! Circus Theme Classroom Ideas are all about a show and fun tricks. A carnival is all about food, rides and games. Most carnivals also don’t have animals (although neither do modern circuses!).

Here’s how to set up a carnival classroom theme:

First, think of one iconic thing about a carnival to highlight. Maybe it’s the Ferris wheel or maybe it’s the games. You can use colorful bunting or pinwheels hung from the ceiling to set the mood.

A colorful carnival photo backdrop can also set the scene.

Next, add in your carnival classroom door design and your carnival bulletin board design.

From there, it’s all about the small details and you can add those with stickers, other carnival props, and words.

Later on in this post you’ll see some quotes you can use in your carnival classroom decorations.

classroom door designer

Carnival Classroom Door Decorations

Here are some adorable carnival classroom door ideas to inspire you!

carnival classroom door

The Ferris wheel is iconic for any carnival! Decorate your door with a Ferris wheel and set an instant carnival mood.

carnival classroom door popcorn

Who doesn’t love carnival popcorn? This carnival door design is not only adorable, but it’s also easy to make.

carnival door ideas

I love how this carnival door design uses food, candy, balloons, and a roller coaster track to make it fun!

Carnival Theme Decorations

These carnival theme decorations include links to Amazon products so you can put together your carnival classroom in two days or less!

Procrastinators don’t need to worry any more!

Win that classroom decorating contest with these props:

Carnival Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a fun way to share things with the class, what you’re working on that month, student info, or just a place to have a fun theme or decoration to put a bit of fun back into school.

Here are some super adorable carnival bulletin boards to inspire your next bulletin board project.

carnival bulletin board

This teacher used her class materials on her bulletin board to make it more fun!

ferris wheel bulletin board

I love the vintage carnival vibe of this bulletin board!

carnival classroom bulletin board

This bulletin board may read a bit circus, but if you’re OK with a hybrid, it might be just the thing!

Carnival Theme Classroom Quotes to Motivate Students

These carnival classroom decorations will set your class apart and make your students excited to learn!

Here are some fun carnival quotes that you can use on your carnival classroom doors or carnival bulletin boards.

  • Life is a carnival. You wait in long lines to enjoy a short ride, but it’s what moment that makes you feel alive.
  • Life is a carnival, enjoy every ride with zeal.
  • Choose joy, choose happiness, choose to shine.
  • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
  • k what’s poppin’ in X grade!
  • Our ticket to success.
  • A little magic can take you a long way.
  • Dream big.
  •  Look with kindness and you will find wonder.
  • This is where the fun stuff happens.
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