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20+ Carnival Themed STEM Activities for Kids

The goal of STEM is to provide ways for young minds to get engaged and become knowledgeable in STEM disciplines. However, getting your kids excited about these subjects can be a bit tricky.

After all, how many kids do you see jumping for joy at the idea of doing math? With these carnival themed STEM activities, your kids can enjoy some carnival fun at home, and do a little bit of fun learning activities in the process!

They will learn and practice STEM concepts that will make STEM fun while enjoying all the fun that a carnival would provide right in your own home or classroom! Use these to go along with your other carnival STEM activities.

20+ carnival themed STEM activities fun for the classroom or to do at home! From cotton candy to fried food, carnival STEM activities are a blast!

Unique and Exciting Carnival Themed STEM Activities that Kids Love!

Calling all carnival lovers! These carnival STEM activities are perfect to teach fun STEM and science concepts to kids of all ages from preschoolers through middle school!

Why is STEM Important?

STEM lessons mix elements of science, technology, engineering, and math (and sometimes art).

Studies have found that integrated approaches for teaching kids help them learn science and math better, but also that they learn better across the board- especially when hands-on lessons are included!

Because of these amazing benefits to a child’s education, STEM lessons and STEM activities are one of the best elements you can add to your classroom (or do it at home to supplement a child’s learning or interests).

Carnival STEM Supplies for Kids

Check out these fun carnival supplies that will make your STEM activities easier and more fun (and more colorful!).

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Easy Carnival Themed STEM Activities for Kids

The carnival is so much fun! These carnival STEM projects for kids will bring some science to the carnival and state fair.

The carnival is so much fun! These carnival STEM projects for kids will bring some science to the carnival and state fair.

Apples, especially candy apples, are a classic carnival snack! Turn the classic apple into a fun STEM activity for your kids to do as part of your carnival STEM activities.

Apple-themed-family-fun-night-ideas are perfect for setting up apple-themed carnival games in the classroom or home.

This fun tie-dye slime brings all the carnival colors to life in a fun activity.

Popcorn is a carnival staple, and this experiment incorporates that classic carnival snack into a fun Dancing Popcorn Experiment.

Let your kids play this classic carnival game and learn about motion with this hands-on carnival Ring Toss activity.

Teach your kids about balance and weight with the help of these DIY Tin Can Stilts that kids can make!

Let your kids practice subtracting money with these fun Carnival Subtracting Money Games.

Count rubber ducks with this fun Rubber Duck Counting carnival game for kids!

Recreate your kids’ favorite carnival rides with these Cirque Carnival STEM activities.

Popsicle Stick Catapult Design Ideas

Let your kids design their very own catapult and recreate fun carnival games at home.

Your kids will love learning about probability and how they come into play during carnival games with this Probability Carnival activity.

Your kids will love playing with LEGOs in this fun LEGO STEM Circus challenge activity.

This duck race is the perfect combination of sensory play and testing the scientific method hypotheses in this carnival Duck Race!

Recreate this classic Water Fun Cup Races carnival game outside and teach your kids about motion.

Teach your kids how to use physics with this Shadow Science Physics Activity.

Learn about fireworks and How To Make Rockets Fly in this fun activity.

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Friday 22nd of September 2023

These Carnival Themed STEM Activities are a fantastic way to make learning fun and engaging for kids. The article offers a variety of hands-on, educational activities that combine the excitement of a carnival with science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. It's a brilliant way to inspire young minds and foster a love for learning!