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30+ Classic Science Fair Projects for Elementary School

These classic science fair projects are perfect for kids in elementary school! Find everything from moldy bread to a potato battery and more!

There is something exciting about seeing your kids try classic science experiments for kids and STEM activities.

You know what will happen, but seeing your kids experience the results for the first time is a whole lot of fun! You don’t have to re-invent the wheel for your kids’ science fair projects.

These science fair project ideas are classics for a reason and would be welcomed at most elementary-level science fairs.

These classic science fair projects are perfect science fair projects for elementary school! Find everything from moldy bread to a potato battery and more! Easy elementary science fair projects and classic science projects are just what you need to win the school science fair!

Classic Science Fair Projects Every Kid Should Try!

Try these super fun and simple classic science fair projects at the school science fair this year!

Expand on your science experiments with the free printable science experiment worksheet. It’s the perfect way to help children go through the scientific process with every science experiment they try.

Why are Science Fair Projects Important?

If your school has a science fair, it just might be optional. If it is, why should you help your kids do a science fair project? What’s the point? When families are so busy, why add the extra burden of science experiments?

Science fairs provide an amazing experience for kids to really dive into science and celebrate it, as well as learning something new about the world. In addition to the creative side of science, a science fair project is a fun way for kids to bond with other family members as they do their presentations.

As children get older, it’s more and more important for them to be able to work through a long process like a science fair project, and these science presentations are one of the first opportunities children have to bring learning to life in such a vivid way.

What Can Kids Learn with a Science Projects?

When kids are involved in science fair projects, their confidence soars. Kids who do science projects report greater confidence and understanding of all scientific concepts, both in what they explored and the scientific process in general.

Learning to analyze and explore data in this way also helps children approach other tasks in a logical, straightforward process which helps improve study skills and communication skills for other subjects as well.

One of the most surprising values that science fair projects bring is the ability to identify problems and work toward a solution. That is an invaluable skill that kids can use throughout life.

Kids learn a lot when completing a science fair project.

Of course, kids learn the basics of whatever scientific concept they are learning, plus the scientific method:

  • Hypothesis
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Variables
  • Retesting
  • Analyzing and Recording Data

But more than that, kids can lean additional valuable skills when completing science fair projects, including:

  • Presenting an idea
  • Creating a presentation
  • Organizing data
  • Analyzing data
  • Patience and orderliness
  • Working with others
  • Precision and care
  • Adapting to changes
  • Communication skills

These skills are important far beyond the classroom!

What You Need for a Science Fair

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand before doing your science fair project. Shop the included Amazon storefronts to make things easier and don’t forget to download the free science fair planning checklist before getting started!

science fair display board example

Science Fair Project Planning

When you’re planning your project, you want to keep everything organized. Click the image below to get my free science fair project checklist so you can start organizing your project from the start.

You may also want to check out this list of science fair project research supplies.

Supplies for a Science Fair Project

There are so many supplies for science fair projects that are individual to each project, but if you want a general list of possible supplies and inspiration for your project, check out my selection of science fair experiment supplies on Amazon.

Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

Your science fair presentation is important! It should look presentable and eye-catching. Check out this list of my favorite science fair presentation supplies.

science fair display board example

Classic Science Fair Projects that are Super Fun for Kids!

You cannot go wrong trying these classic science fair projects! Your kids will love them, and they are so easy, too! You really can’t beat that.

These ideas can all be adapted to work for kids as young as in second grade all the way up to middle school. At the higher levels, fit in additional variables, make sure there is a control group, and try to solve a real problem with each experiment.

Young kids will enjoy just trying the science fair projects out for the first time.

Science Fair Projects for Preschoolers

Even preschoolers can try the classic bread mold experiment.

Because little ones love sensory experiences, they will really love doing this cornstarch quicksand science experiment.

The hand washing science experiment is the perfect way to convince preschoolers they have to wash their hands.

Preschoolers can learn how to turn a penny green in this classic science experiment.

The concept of density is hard for little kids to grasp, but this liquid density experiment makes it a lot easier.

Elementary Science Fair Project Ideas

You can find the complete list of elementary school science fair project ideas here, but these experiments are also fun in elementary!

Elementary kids will love the gross element of the cow digestive system project.

Every kid should try the borax crystals science project at least once.

The Ivory soap science experiment is a classic for a reason but kids still love it.

An elementary kid cannot get through fifth grade without trying a volcano science experiment at least once.

Learn how to make frost and find variables to test!

In this making butter science experiment elementary kids can try a variety of ways to make butter better.

This slightly gross osmosis experiment for kids using an egg will delight all elementary school kids.

Middle School Science Fair Projects

Middle school children will love learning how to make hot ice!

This seed sprouting science experiment is a classic for middle schoolers to try.

Middle school children will be impressed they can remove salt from water in this desalination science project.

Because it involves heat, the soap making science project is best for the middle school age group.

For a tasty science experiment, do the rock candy experiment for kids.

And for a practical experiment that could help the environment, middle school kids can try this energy efficient window science fair project.

science fair display board example

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