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Super Fun and Easy Crystal Science Fair Projects

Learning about crystals is fun for kids of all ages, but particularly for kids in elementary school and middle school. These crystal science fair projects will spark many ideas for crystal experiments!

Keep reading to get the dieas for crystal science fair projects and to see if you’re missing anything before you get started on your science fair project!

These crystal science fair projects will spark many ideas for crystal science experiments!

How to Conduct a Crystal Science Fair Project

Just growing crystals, while fun, is not a science fair project. A science fair project requires kids use the scientific method to complete their experiment.

This includes a hypothesis, multiple variation tests, and data recording.

Some questions you might ask for a crystal science fair project include:

  • What type of crystal is the most durable?
  • What type of crystal is the fastest growing?
  • How does temperature affect crystal formation?
  • How does adding a “seed” influence crystal formation?
  • Do all crystals have the same shape and structure?

Add these crystal projects to your list of science fair project ideas.

What You Need for a Science Fair

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand before doing your science fair project. Shop the included Amazon storefronts to make things easier and don’t forget to download the free science fair planning checklist before getting started!

science fair display board example

Science Fair Project Planning

When you’re planning your project, you want to keep everything organized. Click the image below to get my free science fair project checklist so you can start organizing your project from the start.

You may also want to check out this list of science fair project research supplies.

Supplies for a Science Fair Project

There are so many supplies for science fair projects that are individual to each project, but if you want a general list of possible supplies and inspiration for your project, check out my selection of science fair experiment supplies on Amazon.

Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

Your science fair presentation is important! It should look presentable and eye-catching. Check out this list of my favorite science fair presentation supplies.

science fair display board example

Tips for Making Perfect DIY Crystals

The key to crystals is in ratios and time.

Most crystals are formed with a super-saturated solution, meaning tha tmore of the crystal agent is added to the solution than it can hold.

As the liquid cools, the water evaporates and the crystal particles have nowhere to go.

If there is a seed crystal, impurity, or string in the solution, the crystal molecules will cling to that, which is how crystals form.

But, if the process is disturbed, or if you don’t follow the correct ratios, your crystals won’t form.

Each type of crystal has their specific steps to follow, but most crystal science experiments use warm water.

If the water gets too cold before you put in your seed crysal, they won’t form.

And in some cases, allowing the liquid to get to hot or too cold will also disturb the process.

As long as you follow the directions carefully, your crystals will come out beautifully every time!

Basic DIY Crystal Recipes for Science Experiments

crystal science experiments

To really explore the world of crystals, you’ll want to try making several types of DIY crystals!

These crystal experiments are some of our favorites and a fun place to get started for crystal science fair projects.

Click on the link in each section to learn how to make each kind of crystal for your crystal science experiment.

Epsom Salt Crystals

science fair projects with crystals

One of the eaiest crystals to start with are Epsom salt crystals. These crystals form overnight in the refrigerator and by the next day, you have a contain filled with spiky, awesome crystals.

The only trouble with epsom salt crystals is that they do melt once they are exposed to water, and they can also melt if they get too hot.

Keep that in mind if you plan to make this kind of crystal.

Salt Crystals

Salt crystals are made from evaporated water and salt.

The crsytals take just a few hours to form (but you can also get them bigger if you wait a day or two). Salt crystals are the second fastest-growing crystals and look so pretty when finished.

Salt crystals have a square shape, which is fun to compare with other crystal types.

Bluing Crystals

Growing crystals with bluing and ammonia is a fun twist on salt crystals! It’s easy to make these and the look so pretty!

Borax Crystals

Borax crystals are the fastest-growing crystals and some of the most durable.

Within two hours, you can have huge crystals that look similar to salt crystals but are a little less square.

Sugar Crystals

Kids will love making sugar crystals because they are completely edible.

The trick to making sugar crystals is to get the water hot enough to melt the sugar and encourage crystal formation, but not hot enough that the water turns into syrup and forms into hard candy.

In our trials, sugar crystals are the hardest to make, but they look really cool once completed! You can seed sugar crystals with a string or just have them form on the bottom of a container.

Alum Crystals

growing crystals science fair project

If you don’t want to mess around with making your own crystals, or want to make more than one type of crystal at once, this is our favorite crystal kit.

It is seriously so much fun to watch so many crystals growing at once.

Most crystal growing kits use alum crystals, which can have a greater variety of shapes than some of the other crsytals on this list.

Seasonal Crystal Experiments

crystal science experiment

Here at STEAMsational, we like to give our science experiments and science projects a seasonal twist.

Here are some fun seasonal variations we’ve done with crystal projects.

Winter Crystal Experiments

Try these fun winter twists on crystal science projects!

Borax crystal snowflakes

Salt crystal hearts

Salt crystal candy canes

Spring Crystal Experiments

Crystal science experiments are more fun with a spring twist!

Salt crystal Easter eggs

Salt crystal pots of gold

Summer Crystal Experiments

Kids will love trying these crystal activities in the summer when home from school.

Salt crystal feathers

Salt crystal apples

Fall Crystal Experiments

Fall lovers will have a blast with these fall-themed crystal experiments!

Salt crystal leaves

Salt crystal pumpkins

Halloween salt crystals

What is your favorite way to make crystals?

science fair display board example

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