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Crystal Experiments: 11 Ways to Grow Crystals at Home

Crystal experiments can teach kids a lot about the world. Kids can learn about molecules, molecular patterns, types of crystals, dissolving and solutions, the basics of chemistry, and more!

Here you’ll find over 20 crystal science experiments that you can use to teach so many fun lessons about science, and even have a crystal experiment to take to the science fair!

Scroll to view the crystal science activities, but first, a little bit about crystals!

Here you'll find over 20 crystal science experiments that you can use to teach so many fun lessons about science, and even have a crystal experiment to take to the science fair!

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are a type of solid material where molecules connect in a specific, repeating pattern. The pattern causes crystals to form really interesting shapes!

There are seven basic crystal shapes. These shapes are: Cubic, Orthorhombic, Hexagonal, Trigonal, Triclinic, Tetragonal, and Monoclinic. Crystals form geometric shapes. What shape a crystal makes depends on type of molecules and atoms in that material.

What is the Science Behind Crystals?

Crystals form thanks to science! Here’s a bit about the science behind crystals.

How Do Crystals Form?

Crystals form in a process called crystallization. Crystals can form in a few different ways.

  1. If certain liquids cool and then harden. This causes the molecules to gather as the material tries to become stable again. This is how ice crystals are formed.
  2. Crystals can also form when magma cools. Most crsytals found in caves, like diamonds and emeralds form like this.
  3. Some crystals form as liquid evaporates. This is how salt crystals form.

What Conditions are Needed for Crystals to Grow?

If you’re making crystals at home, you are probably making crystals from a supersaturated solution or from evaporation. Both of these crystals form best in environments with:

  • Light and dry air
  • Warm temperature
  • On a porous surface

If these conditions are met your crystals should grow well.

11 crystal experiments that teach kids about crystal science! Crystal science experiments to make borax, sugar, salt crystals, and more!

What Can I Use Instead of Borax to make Crystals?

Borax crystals are pretty and easy to make at home, which is why they are so popular! But you can use other things to make crystals at home besides borax. Here are some crystals to make at home that don’t use borax:

  • Salt crysatls
  • Alum crystals
  • Sugar crystals
  • Ice crystals
  • Epsom salt crystals

Facts about Crystals

Here are some fun facts about crystals!

  • The science of studying crystals is called crystallography.
  • Some crystals (like many precious gems) are actually just one giant molecle.
  • Some living creatures can make crystals, including chameleons, rainbow trout, and molluscs.
  • Bones are a type of crystal.
  • Crystals are used in many household applications, particuarly to make electronic devices.

Growing Crystals Lesson Plan

You can grab the growing crystals lesson plan in the Jarring Science Club! We have a 4-lesson unit that is all about different types of crystals and how to make them.

Each lesson includes a video, science lesson, lesson plan, worksheets, and a quiz for kids to take to see if they learned the science behind the experiment.

Grab the crystal lesson plan here!

What Do You Need to Make Crystals?

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How to Grow Crystals

Follow along with the recipes below to learn how to grow crystals in many different ways! Soon, you’ll be a crystal expert!

Follow along with the recipes below to learn how to grow crystals in many different ways! Soon, you'll be a crystal expert!

Growing Crystals with Bluing and Ammonia

If you like the look of delicate crystals, then you’ll love to learn the secret to Growing Crystals with Bluing and Ammonia.

How to Make Crystals without Borax

If you need to know a recipe for crystals that doesn’t include borax, learn How to Make Crystals without Borax here!

Salt Crystal Science Experiment

This salt crystal science experiment teaches kids about dissolving, solutions, and parts of matter.

Instant Ice Crystals

Why stick to lukewarm crystals when you can make Instant Ice Crystals?

Borax Crystals Science Project

Try the Borax Crystals Science Project and get a complete science project you can use in a science fair!

Sugar Crystal Science Experiment

Learn how to make sugar crystals in the Sugar Crystal Science Experiment!

Rock Candy Experiment for Kids

In this rock candy experiment for kids, you can learn how to make rock candy fast!

Epsom Salt Crystals

Make these Epsom Salt Crystals and explore the unique spiky shape that Epsom salt crystals make.

How to Make Egg Crystals

Making crystals in an egg is a fun and popular science experiment. Make these Crystal Easter Eggs at Easter or any time of year!

Crystal Science Fair Projects

If you need even more Crystal Science Fair Projects, check out this list!

Different Ways to Grow Crystals for Every Season

Sometimes, you may want to make crystals that match a holiday or season. If you do, you’ve come to the right place!

Borax Snowflakes

These Borax Snowflakes will last for months.

Salt Crystal Hearts

for Valentine’s Day, make Salt Crystal Hearts!

How to Grow Crystals with Salt

Learn How to Grow Crystals with Salt and use your own shapes or use this pot of gold shape during St. Patrick’s Day!

How to Make Salt Crystal Feathers

We originally made our Salt Crystal Feathers during the fall, but we’ve found that people love making them year-round, especially in the summer!

Homeade Salt Crystals

Homemade Salt Crystals are fun to make any time of year, but we decided to make apple shapes for this particular version!

Salt Crystal Pumpkins

If you’re feeling like fall, these Salt Crystal Pumpkins will make it feel like fall no matter what the weather is outside.

Salt Crystal Leaves

Can you get crystals to grow on leaves? Find out in the Salt Crystal Leaves activity.

Salt Crystallization Experiment for Halloween

Break out your inner witch for this Salt Crystallization Experiment. Make spooky shapes or anything else you like!

Salt Crystal Candy Canes

When the holiday season is around the corner, you need to try the Salt Crystal Candy Cane Science Experiment! It’s a fun way to bring science into holiday festivities.