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20+ Science Fair Projects with LEGOs that are Educational and Fun

LEGOs and science are a natural pair. There are so many great STEM projects out there that use Easy LEGO Creations to create a fun hands-on experience for kids that make them perfect for science fair projects with LEGOs!

There are so many great ways to use LEGOs to do a variety of scientific investigations from physics all the way to biology and astrology.

If you are looking for the perfect science fair project or activity to do with your kids this year, you can’t go wrong with these LEGO science fair projects. Each of them is unique and a great way to explore science concepts in the classroom. Here are 20 science fair projects with LEGO.

There are so many great STEM projects out there that use Easy LEGO Creations to create a fun hands-on experience for kids that make them perfect for science fair projects with LEGOs!

Science Fair Projects with LEGOs

If you have LEGO lovers in the house, why not use that love of LEGO at the science fair? These LEGO science fair projects are perfect as elementary and middle school science fair project ideas.

lego challenge cards

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Here are some LEGO STEM products you can use in your classroom!

All of these LEGO STEM sets have working, moving parts and are a great way to introduce complete STEM builds and activities to your students.

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LEGO Amusement Park Ride

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LEGO Pinball Table

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LEGO Expert Fairgrounds Set

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LEGO Mars Rover

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LEGO Carnival Game

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LEGO Simple Engineering Kit

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LEGO Space Roller Coaster

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LEGO Classic Lots of Bricks

lego pacman building game

LEGO Pac-Man Game

lego friends technical carnival lego set

LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

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Klutz LEGO Gear Bots

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LEGO Klutz Race Cars

simple machines lego kit

Simple Building Machines

lego ferris wheel kit

LEGO Ferris Wheel

lego drones

Flying Drones Building Kit

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Solar Robot Building Kit

lego ultimate stunt riders challenge

LEGO Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

Science Fair Supplies

Grab these supplies if you’re headed to the science fair!

Science Fair Project Ideas that Use LEGO Bricks

Follow along with these ideas for science fair projects you can do using LEGO!

These LEGO science fair projects are the perfect way to mix a love of LEGO with a love of science!

Try making this LEGO tree life cycle with this Earth Day LEGO challenge!

Use this unique activity to find out to be able to answer the question, Is Wood Waterproof?

Conduct your very own water experiment by letting your kids build their own LEGO Dam.

Teach your kids about gravity and building by having them create this cool LEGO Maze.

Learn about what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar to make a LEGO Volcano.

Experiment with velocity using this LEGO Balloon Powered Car.

Learn about weight and motion with the help of this LEGO Catapult.

All you need are a few simple materials to make this LEGO Electricity Science Experiment.

See who can create the best boat using this Balloon Powered Boat experiment.

Teach your kids about magnetic attraction with this LEGO Magnet Maze.

Bring the concept of surface tension to life using legos and salt with this Surface Tension Experiment.

Bring the water cycle to life using legos with this LEGO Water Cycle Model.

Learn about weight and balance using this LEGO Balance Scale STEM Project.

Showcase the destruction of an earthquake in a new and exciting way with this LEGO City Earthquake.

Bring the wonders of space to life by making this LEGO Solar System.

Learn about density and how it works in this LEGO Density Experiment.

Use LEGOs to create shadows with this LEGO Shadow Towers experiment.

Your kids will love Making a Constellation Viewer out of LEGOs in this fun experiment.

Defy Gravity in this fun Star Wars Science: Gravity experiment.

Use LEGOs to teach your kids about earthquakes in this Earthquake Experiment.

lego challenge cards

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