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20 Easy LEGO Cars to Build with Kids

When it comes to easy LEGO creations, the possibilities of what you can create are pretty much endless. Lately, we have been challenging our children to see what they can create out LEGOS.

We made a fun challenge to see who could create the coolest car out of LEGOs and the results were both a fun and great STEM activity that my kids loved!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your kids, or a great way to get them started with this fun activity, then these easy LEGO cars to build are perfect!

These are great for smaller kids who aren’t at the stage where they can make them on their own, or just need some guidance.

Get 20+ ideas for easy LEGO cars to build! Unique and simple LEGO car designs for new builders!

20 Easy LEGO Cars to Build with Kids

Try these easy LEGO car designs when you are just getting into LEGO! But first, make sure you have our favorite LEGO bricks!

LEGO Car Building Supplies

We always start with a LEGO creative brick box, but you might need some of these extra LEGO pieces for some of these cars:


Here are some LEGO STEM products you can use in your classroom!

All of these LEGO STEM sets have working, moving parts and are a great way to introduce complete STEM builds and activities to your students.

lego amusement park ride working set

LEGO Amusement Park Ride

lego pinball set

LEGO Pinball Table

lego fairground set

LEGO Expert Fairgrounds Set

lego tecnic mars rover

LEGO Mars Rover

lego amusement park game brick loot

LEGO Carnival Game

simple lego engineering kit

LEGO Simple Engineering Kit

lego space rollar coaster set

LEGO Space Roller Coaster

lego classics lots of bricks

LEGO Classic Lots of Bricks

lego pacman building game

LEGO Pac-Man Game

lego friends technical carnival lego set

LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

lego gear bots klutz

Klutz LEGO Gear Bots

klutz lego race cars

LEGO Klutz Race Cars

simple machines lego kit

Simple Building Machines

lego ferris wheel kit

LEGO Ferris Wheel

lego drones

Flying Drones Building Kit

lego solar powered robot

Solar Robot Building Kit

lego ultimate stunt riders challenge

LEGO Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

Easy LEGO Cars that Kids Can Make

lego challenge cards

Try these easy LEGO car designs with kids! If you can’t find any easy LEGO cars to build from these, just stick two sets of wheels onto a flat piece of LEGO and away you go!

If you’re feeling fancy, add a steering wheel.

How to Build an Easy LEGO Car

Learn how to make an Easy LEGO Car in just five minutes!

How to Build Balloon-Powered LEGO Cars

Design and build balloon-powered LEGO cars that will blast off with the help of the air from the balloons! There are unlimited ways to build the cars and your kids will love racing them to see which one will go farther!

wheels onto a flat piece of LEGO and away you go!

LEGO Batman Batmobile

Build the batmobile from Batman with this fun LEGO car tutorial.

Rubber Band Powered Lego Car

See how far your car can go when you build this cool LEGO car that is powered by rubber bands.

Build a Rocket Powered LEGO Car

Build a rocket powered LEGO car that will really go fast!

How To Make An Insane Rocket-Powered Lego Car

Make a car that can go super fast with this rocket-powered car tutorial.

Build a LEGO Slingshot Car

Build a car that can go as fast as a race car with the help of this LEGO car slingshot tutorial.

LEGO Egg Car Race

See whose car will come in first with this cool LEGO egg car race activity.

Turn Lego Cars into Doodle Cars

Make a car that can “drive” and doodle at the same time!

These LEGO car ideas will inspire new builders to create fun and unique LEGO car designs!

Firetruck Building Tutorial

Learn how to make a firetruck out of LEGOs with this helpful tutorial.

LEGO Ambulance

Follow the directions to make your own LEGO ambulance!

Super Easy LEGO Race Car

Follow allow with this set of step-by-step instructions for making the easiest LEGO race car!

lego challenge cards

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