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50+ Easy LEGO Creations for Beginning LEGO Builders

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LEGO bricks are really fun to play with, but sometimes, the investment can be quite intense, and the projects can be quite challenging! If you’re not ready for complicated LEGO projects just quite yet, these Easy LEGO creations are perfect for even the most novice LEGO builder!

Try these easy to make LEGO creations that you can make with LEGO bricks you already own.

Easy LEGO creations for even the most novice LEGO builder! Easy LEGO project ideas that you can make with LEGO bricks you already own.

Step-By-Step LEGO Creations

You’ll find all the directions you need for these easy LEGO creations! Click the links below to be taken to step-by-step directions for all of these LEGO creations for beginners.

Kids will love unlocking their imagination and you’ll love that they are away from screens (at least for a while!).

And teachers, you can use many of these LEGO ideas in the classroom with your students for almost any STEM lesson imaginable.

The Benefits of Playing with LEGO for Kids

Tiffany Tseng, a researcher in the Kawahara Lab, University of Tokyo, notes that using LEGO in the STEM classroom is hugely beneficial for kids.

“Legos are a good introduction to communicating ideas with physical objects. Putting things together and taking them apart got me interested in how things work, and by the time I was an undergraduate, I knew I wanted to be an engineer.”  

Tiffany Tseng

Research shows that playing with LEGO is one of the best ways to encourage a kid to use STEM skills in real-life and may even encourage them to go into STEM careers as adults.

A study published in Psychological Science found that playing with blocks was crucial for the development of spatial skills necessary for cognitive growth.

How to Build Easy Creations with LEGO Bricks

Find all the Step-By-Step LEGO Creations  you need to make over 50 easy LEGO projects using bricks you already own!

There are two ways to build LEGO creations- 1. you can use your own imagination!

Or 2., follow step-by-step directions for building LEGO designs.

Most of the LEGO designs here on STEAMsational are made using the large LEGO classic creator set.

But if you want to add even more science and STEM elements, you may want to add a few more sets to your collection, including these:

Simple LEGO Creations

These LEGO creations are the most simple to make and even the newest LEGO builder can learn how to make these!

Find out the best way for How to Make a LEGO Rainbow. It’s harder than you think! This makes a fun LEGO challenge for kids.

Learn How to Make a LEGO Heart and learn about symmetry, the body, and design!

Try How to Make LEGO Hair Clips and sport your favorite STEM bricks in your hair!

If you are feeling handy and a bit fidgety, try making some LEGO Fidget Toys.

lego challenge cards

Easy Things to Build with LEGOs

If you want some more open-ended LEGO ideas, building a LEGO tower is always a good place to start. You might also like trying to recreate famous landmarks, like the LEGO Eiffel tower!

Of course, making an easy LEGO car is always a classic first project, but you can kick things up a notch if you can figure out how to make a LEGO pull-back car!

We’ve also made fun things with LEGO, like a LEGO alligator, LEGO toaster, LEGO balloon-powered car, and a simple LEGO flower!

Find more of our favorite easy things to build with LEGOs here.

Easy LEGO Cars to Build

Want something really easy to make with LEGO? These easy LEGO cars to build are a lot of fun but they won’t overwhelm new builders.

LEGO Engineering Challenges

LEGO is the perfect thing to use when learning engineering basics! There is so much you can learn and build with LEGO. Find our list of favorite LEGO engineering challenges right here!

LEGO STEM Activities

Of course here at STEAMsational we have to have LEGO STEM activities! You’ll find the whole list of our favorite LEGO STEM activities here.

You’ll also want to check out this list of STEM Activities with LEGOs.

There are so many fun STEM challenges to try using LEGO!

LEGO STEM Activities for Middle School

MIddle schoolers require a little more challenge than elementary kids. That’s why I created a list of LEGO STEM activities for middle school and put that in its own section.

Science Experiments with LEGOs

If you want to try using LEGO in the science classroom, we’ve got you covered! Find our favorite list of science experiments with LEGOs right here!

There are over 20 LEGO science experiments to choose from covering topics from physics to chemistry.

Seasonal LEGO Activities

When it comes to seasonal STEM activities, we have you covered! Here are some of our favorite LEGO seasonal STEM activities.

Why not bring LEGO into Valentine’s Day? These Printable Heart LEGO Valentines are a fun way to bring STEM to the holiday.

Challenge kids to make a plant life cycle out of LEGO in the Earth Day LEGO Challenge!

For Mother’s Day, surprise Mom with a LEGO mother’s day card! Learn How to Build a LEGO Mother’s Day Card here.

You can also use your imagination when creating seasonal LEGO builds, like a LEGO turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (learn how to make a turkey out of LEGOs here), or LEGO rocket, LEGO wave, LEGO Eiffel tower, or even a LEGO submarine for summer!

Science Fair Projects with LEGOs

Why not take your LEGO obsession to the science fair? These science fair projects with LEGOs will blow the competetion out of the water.

Printable LEGO Bricks

Sometimes you just want to learn How to Make Your Own Printable LEGO Bricks. If those bricks aren’t enough to fill your need to make LEGOs, learn How to Make a Lego Brick Using a 3D Printer.

How to Make LEGO Hair Clips

Follow these directions and learn how to make LEGO hair clips!

LEGO STEM Challenges

These printable LEGO STEM challenges are perfect for elementary kids!

LEGO Submarine

Go into the depths of the ocean by making a LEGO submarine!


Catch some summer vibes with this 3D LEGO wave.

LEGO Eiffel Tower

You can build almost anything from LEGO, even a LEGO Eiffel tower (it’s not even that complicated!).

LEGO Christmas Ornament

Who wouldn’t love an adorable LEGO Christmas ornament?

Easy LEGO Flower

This LEGO flower is 2D, which makes it a very easy LEGO flower to make!

How to Build a LEGO Race Car

Learn how to build a LEGO race car that can pull back and move on its own! Make several and have a LEGO race car battle!

LEGO Pumpkin

Challenge kids to make a pumpkin out of LEGO bricks! Making a LEGO pumpkin that is round is harder than you think!

LEGO Snowman

Let kids use their imagination to try and build a 3D LEGO snowman!

More Creative LEGO Builds

If you have tried everything on our list, there still may be more LEGO builds to try!

lego challenge cards

Save this idea for later so you don't forget to use it!