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Easy to Build LEGO Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving!

A lot of times when we think about Thanksgiving crafts and crafts in general is that they have to take paper or glue or disposable craft supplies. But that’s not the case at all! In fact, this Thanksgiving craft is a LEGO turkey dinner ready for your Thanksgiving table!

My kids had tons of fun building this Thanksgiving LEGO set and best of all, they could build it entirely out of bricks that we already own. Keep reading to see how we built our LEGO turkey dinner and what you need to make your own!

Step by step directions to make a 3D turkey dinner for Thanksgiving! These easy LEGO instructions will keep kids busy while the real turkey cooks!

Instructions to Make a LEGO Turkey Dinner

Follow along with our step-by-step directions to make a LEGO turkey that is cooked!

If you want to make a turkey who is not headed for your stomach, then you’ll want to check out our directions for How to Make a Turkey Out of LEGOs.

Bricks You Need to Make a LEGO Turkey Dinner

Here are the bricks you need to make a turkey dinner!

You can find most of these in a standard LEGO creative box set or you can probably scrounge around in your discarded LEGO brick bin and find what you need!

You can also make this turkey out of brown bricks or tan bricks if you don’t have enough orange bricks.

  • 1 baseplate
  • 62 orange 2×2 bricks
  • 2 orange 2×2 bricks with 45º angle
  • 4 orange 1×2 bricks
  • 2 white 1×2 bricks
  • 2 white 1×2 bricks with inverted angle
  • 2 white 1×2 bricks with 45º angle
  • 2 white 1×1 bricks
  • Miscellaneous greenery


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Step by Step Directions to Make a LEGO Turkey

My kids had tons of fun building this LEGO set and best of all, they could build it entirely out of bricks that we already own. Keep reading to see how we built our LEGO turkey dinner and what you need to make your own!

Here is how we made our cooked LEGO turkey! It’s hard to describe exactly how to build something out of LEGO bricks, so just follow along with the pictures and make any adaptations that you might need along the way.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or precise, it just has to look somewhat like a cooked turkey. Allow kids to modify the design as they see fit because that is what building with LEGO is all about!


Here are the pieces you will need to make this LEGO turkey.

lego turkey dinner base

Use these bricks to make the base of the turkey body.

lego turkey dinner body

Add a second layer to your turkey body base.

lego turkey dinner body complete

Complete the turkey body and turn it into a 3D LEGO turkey like this.

lego turkey wings

Make two turkey wings from LEGO bricks as in the image above.

lego turkey with wings

Attach the turkey wings to the turkey body.

lego turkey drumsticks

Finally, attach the drumstick legs to the body of the turkey.

finished lego turkey

Here is the complete LEGO turkey all garnished and everything! You don’t have to add the little green garnish pieces, but we thought they really completed the look of a fully dressed turkey dinner!

Take this activity idea even further and you might even make a complete LEGO Thanksgiving meal with pie, yams, and all the trimmings!

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