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How to Make a Turkey Out of LEGOs

If you want to learn how to make a turkey out of LEGOs, this is the right place! Making a LEGO turkey isn’t hard and is a fun addition to easy LEGO creations.

A LEGO turkey is a fun thing to make for Thanksgiving engineering activities, for a farm theme to go along with another farm learning activity like farm letter matching clip cards, or just as part of a LEGO animal set!

If you want to learn how to make a turkey out of LEGOs, this is the right place! Making a LEGO turkey isn't hard and is a fun addition to easy LEGO creations.

Keep reading to learn how to build a LEGO turkey.

How to Make a Turkey Out of LEGO

Remember, most people don’t have the exact same LEGO bricks. You may not have the exact bricks we used to create our LEGO turkey.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make one!

Use our LEGO turkey as an inspirational guide for the basics of how to make the turkey shape and use the bricks you already own to finalize the design.

lego challenge cards

What You Need to Make a LEGO Turkey

While most of our LEGO creations can be made using a LEGO classic brick box, this turkey will need a few extra special bricks.

These are the bricks we used in our LEGO turkey design.

Want to learn how to make a turkey out of LEGOs? Follow along with these step-by-step directions for building a LEGO turkey!
  • 1 red 1×1 nose cone
  • 2 yellow 1×1 nose cones
  • 2 1×1 round eyes
  • 1 brown 1×2 brick with bow
  • 1 brown 1×1 plates
  • 1 black or brown 1×1 brick with 2 knobs
  • 1 brown 1×2 45º roof tile
  • 1 brown 3×3 cross plate
  • 1 brown 1×3 brick
  • 1 beige 1×1 brick with knob
  • 1 brown or gold 2×2 flat plates with knob
  • 1 yellow 1×2 flat plate with knob
  • 2 orange 1×2 plates
  • 2 red 1×3 plates
  • 1 yellow 1×2 plate
  • 2 brown 3×3 ¼ circle bricks

Grab Any Missing LEGO Supplies Below!

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Directions to Make a LEGO Turkey

Here’s how we made our Turkey out of LEGO. If you get confused by the written directions, follow along with the pictures for a clearer idea of how we built our LEGO turkey.

LEGO Turkey Shared Process 5

Align the two 3×3 ¼ circle plates.

Over the seam, press the yellow 1×2 flat plate with knob and the brown or gold 2×2 flat plate with knob. 

LEGO Turkey Shared Process 3

To create the tail feathers, add one 1×2 orange plate to each corner of the 3×3 ¼ circle bricks. On the next knob on each side, add the red 1×3 plates.

Finally, over the 1×2 plate with knob in the middle, add the 1×2 yellow plate.

LEGO Turkey Shared Process 6

For the body of the turkey, place the cross plate on the 2×3 brick with one end of the cross plate extending to become the base for the turkey neck.

LEGO Turkey Shared Process 8

On the back of the cross plate, add the 1×1 brick with knob. This will be the connection to the tail.

Now you have a complete turkey made out of LEGO bricks!

LEGO Turkey Shared Process 10

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lego challenge cards

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