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Kids Engineering Gift Guide: 11+ Gifts for Aspiring Engineers

Inspire your kids to grow up to be engineers, innovators, and creators with this kids engineering gift guide. This gift guide has picked the best for all ages.

I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t love building, inventing, and creating on some level. If I had my way, the only presents my kids would ever get would either be STEM-related, science-related, or engineering related.

This engineering gift guide is for girls and boys who love building, creating, and making things work. Engineering projects are a good addition to other STEM gifts!

The ultimate kids engineering gift guide! Inspire future engineers, innovators, and creators with these kids engineering kits.

The Ultimate Kids Engineering Gift Guide

What I love most about the gifts on this list is that most of them are presented in kit form, which makes them much easier to store (and wrap).

If your child has an interest in building and engineering, foster their love with these amazing kids engineering kit ideas.

Where to Buy Gifts for Budding Engineers

We like to purchase our kids engineering kits directly from the manufacturer, if possible, but you can also find many of these gifts for tinkerers on Amazon and in other big-box stores.

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Kids Engineering Kits for Aspiring Engineers

Check out this list of exciting kids engineering kits! Kids who love to build and explore how things work will love these engineering kits that range from simple for younger kids to rather complex for older kids!

Kiwi Crate is one of my favorite subscription boxes. There are varying age levels for preschool through middle school (we’re pretty fond of the Tinker Crate) and all of the projects are so creative and fun!

Go old-school with this wood building kit. I like that the pieces are real wood and the tools are all included so kids can get started making their own creations right away.

When I was a child, it was my dream to build fabulous creations with K’Nex. But mainly I just built spaceships for my stuffed animals.

This circuit/programming kit works with the same program that Creation Crate does (Arduino).

I was impressed by the simplicity of the design, but it also had room for so much creativity and advancement once a child progresses beyond basic programming. I see this as the perfect gift for middle school or high school tinkerers. 

Tweens would really love this buildable/programmable bug robot. It can be taught to do a variety of tasks and looks like a real bug.

You can make all kinds of things with this little inventor’s kit!

This invention kit is perfect for kids who are interested in making new things and figuring out how to make things on their own without much instruction or oversight (or preparation 😀 ).

Kids can build all kinds of things with the construction vehicle invention kit!

Learn about circuits safely with this kit. Kids don’t often get the chance to mess around with electricity, and with this they can learn the basics without danger.

I love the bright colors in this Lincoln log kit for younger kids. It even comes with a train!

Kids can learn how to design a car with this kit!

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