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Fun and Adorable Science Gifts for Girls Age 3-8

Have a little female science lover in your house? These science gifts for girls are ideal for girls in preschool through second grade. If you can’t tell by now, we’re huge science lovers and STEM lovers around here.

A lot of families love STEM activities and kids science projects, but a lot of those families have boys (just boys or at least one boy).

At our house, we have the privilege of raising two science-loving girls, and we absolutely know that girls love science just as much as boys! That’s why a lot of our STEM gifts are aimed at girls!

11+ fun and adorable science gifts for girls! Girls from age 3-8 will love the exciting science gift ideas for girls that are chosen by a mom of girls!

STEM Gift Ideas for Girls Approved by Young Scientists

This gift guide is in honor of our youngest scientist, Bo, who is about to turn four.

You don’t have to wait for your child to enter school to foster a love of science.

The best thing about these science gifts for girls is that it encourages girls to think creatively, independently, and prepares them to start school with confidence and a desire to learn.

You can’t ask for anything better than that in a gift!

preschool stem challenges

Science Gifts for Girls for the Very Youngest Female Scientists

Check out these STEM gifts for preschool girls! And don’t miss the rest of our gift guides for kids!

Learn how to make an instant ice rainbow here!

Our microscope is one of Bo’s favorite toys. She loves looking at things in the microscope, and this preschool-friendly model is perfect for little hands.

Learning about colors is a fun introductory science concept for preschool girls. Bo loves playing with colors and this simple toy would keep her occupied for hours!

My preschool girl loves pouring, measuring, and cooking. This measuring set would be the perfect gift to bridge a love of mixing into the science lab, and it helps preschoolers learn how to build practical life skills with games as well!

Bo would absolutely flip if this was one of her gifts. I love that it teaches coding concepts from such a young age.

Have a little female science lover in your house? These science gifts for girls are ideal for girls in preschool through second grade.

This very Duplo set is on our wishlist this year for Bo. Duplos are just the right size for little hands and the educational add-ons make them even cooler. We also love this Duplo education pack.

Use these tanagram blocks to introduce preschoolers to spatial awareness.

I cannot count how many things my siblings and I made out of Bristle Blocks when we were kids! It was such a fun way to explore building and engineering.

Bo is fascinated with how things fit together (although she would rather take them apart). She would definitely go nuts for this gear kit (and big sister would love it, too!)

Dress your little scientist for the part with this scientist dress up kit complete with safety goggles.

STEM Kits for Preschool Girls

If you’re not sure where to start with science gifts for girls, these STEM kits are the perfect place to start. These kits allow preschool girls to explore science with everything they need in one easy-to-use package.

This robot kit gives preschoolers everything they need to build their own robots.

Give your young scientist this complete kit and she’ll start a life-long love affair with science.

preschool stem challenges

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