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Top 10 STEM Gifts for Girls who Love Science

If you are looking for the right STEM gifts for girls, you’ve come to the right place! These science gifts for girls are the perfect thing to provide hours of STEM-focused play and learning.

These STEM gift ideas for girls will help girls unlock a love of STEM at home and allow them to explore the world of STEM right from the start!

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Super fun and engaging STEM gifts for girls! These science gifts for girls are the perfect thing for hours of STEM-focused play.

What Are STEM Gifts for Girls?

I want to say right off the bat that I don’t believe in “girl” things or “boy” things. There are just things.

If, your daughter doesn’t like the themes on this list, or if your son does, or if your kids don’t identify with any gender at all, that’s wonderful!

The most important thing is that a child interested in science has plenty of exposure to the topic.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, lets get on to these STEM gifts for girls!

How to Choose a STEM Gift for a Girl

cool stem gifts for girls

I really encourage parents to use their own child’s interests when choosing STEM themes.

My own daughters have loved everything from fairy tale STEM activities to gross science experiments.

However, I have found that certain STEM kits and books aimed at traditionally “girly” subjects are often very lose with the definition of “STEM.”

So, none of the suspicious STEM kits will be included in this list.

When choosing a STEM gift for a girl, use their interests as a guide.

Your daughter might like chemistry and mixing liquids. She might like learning about animal science. She might like crystal science. She might like coding or math games.

Whatever interests your daughter has, you can usually find the science behind it and find a STEM outlet for that subject.

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Top 10 STEM Gifts for Girls

If you have a daughter or granddaughter and want to give her a STEM gift for girls this year, you can’t go wrong with any of these STEM gift ideas!

gifts for girls who like science

Laser Tag

My girls already like Laser tag, so I knew they would love these. Even though it doesn’t look like Laser tag could be a STEM activity, there is a lot of science and technology that goes into the making of Laser tag equipment.

When my girls played with the toys, we talked about the technology of lasers and what sort of testing and engineering processes went into the construction of the guns.

Gravity Maze

My oldest daughter, now 14, has always been obsessed with brain teasers, puzzels, and figuring out patterns. It makes sense to me now, why she loves math so much!

But when she was young, she loved brain teaser games, and one of her favorites was always the Gravity Maze.

It’s part brain teaser, part 3D puzzle, and part marble run!

Gifts for Girls who Love Science

Tool Set

You might not think of a tool set as a STEM gift, but a lot of STEM topics include building and engineering and having a working knowledge of how things work together.

Girls sometimes aren’t encouraged as much as boys to work with their hands and make things, but my middle daughter (now 8) has always loved building things.

We’ve tried to give her play tool sets in the past, but she has always wanted the real thing. So now that she’s a bit older, it’s the perfect time to give her a tool set that is designed for child-sized hands.

Give your daughter some scrap building supplies and let her get inventing!

Get the directions to make Epsom salt crystals!

Bouncing Planets

This bouncing planets kit is right on the border of “is it really STEM?” but, I include it because it would be a fun kit to use to introduce a girl who may not realize that science is fun yet to a whole new world of exploration.

A lot of girls are obsessed with planets and astronomy, and most girls love bouncy balls, too! So combine the two and make your own bouncy ball planets!

The Magic of Science

I love this magic science kit because it does what we try to do here at STEAMsational. Introduces the “magic” of science in a fun hands-on way that really fosters a love of science from a young age.

Science should be all about discovery and finding out new things, and this kit will inspire your daughter to come up with her own science experiments!

science gifts for girls

Crystal Hedgehogs

Many girls love crystals, and many girls love little animals!

As a girl, I was obsessed with hedgehogs and we actually owned a hedgehog as a pet for a couple of years (it turns out, they have very short lifespans).

That’s why this crystal hedgehog is a bit close to my heart. You can learn a lot about how crystals form with this kit!

Vet Science Kit

A lot of girls go through a vet phase, so why not embrace it in a scientific way?

This vet science kit explores some of the science and STEM that go into being a real pet vet, with explorations of animal skeletons, animal health, and even tick bites.

It’s a fun kit that goes beyond the basic toy vet sets for preschoolers.

DIY Dollhouse Kit

My middle daughter, much like her mother, is more into the setting up of doll houses than the playing of.

This dollhouse kit in particular is quite detailed and requires girls to read directions, follow instructions, complete basic construction, and even do some basic wiring and electrical engineering.

For girls who are obsessed with creating houses, they will love this kit. However, the complicated nature of this kit in particular makes it suitable for girls 8 and older.

Treehouse Engineering Kit

My 8 year old is obsessed with tree houses, and I remember also going through a tree house phase when I was around her age (thank you Swiss Family Robinson).

This treehouse engineering kit allows girls to build a working treehouse in miniature complete with pulleys, a working catapult, and a zip line!

Terrarium Kit

If your daughter is more into plants than animals or building, then she will love putting together this terrarium kit.

It’s a fun way to grow plants indoors and create your own mini ecosystem inside of a jar!

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