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21 Gross Science Experiments that will Ick Kids Out!

Our favorite activities are STEM activities and science experiments for kids. We love creating fun new science experiments and recreating classic science projects. Right now, my kids LOVE gross things.

Anything wiggly, disgusting, icky, or gross they are huge fans of. I decided to capture their love of all things gross with these educational gross science experiments!

You cannot go wrong with these creative, fun, and educational themes for gross STEM activities.

Kids will have a blast creating these disgusting science experiments and may not even realize how much they are learning!

Delight kids with these fun and hands-on gross science experiments and STEM activities. So many gross activities for kids to try!

The Grossest Science Fair Projects You Will Ever Find!

These science fair projects and science experiments are super disgusting and gross. Kids will love them so much.

Add them to your list of science fair project ideas for the reluctant scientists in your class.

What You Need for a Science Fair

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand before doing your science fair project. Shop the included Amazon storefronts to make things easier and don’t forget to download the free science fair planning checklist before getting started!

science fair display board example

Science Fair Project Planning

When you’re planning your project, you want to keep everything organized. Click the image below to get my free science fair project checklist so you can start organizing your project from the start.

You may also want to check out this list of science fair project research supplies.

Supplies for a Science Fair Project

There are so many supplies for science fair projects that are individual to each project, but if you want a general list of possible supplies and inspiration for your project, check out my selection of science fair experiment supplies on Amazon.

Supplies for a Science Fair Presentation

Your science fair presentation is important! It should look presentable and eye-catching. Check out this list of my favorite science fair presentation supplies.

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Gross Science Experiments 

Try these delightfully gross science experiments and learn something while you’re having a gross time!

This Unicorn Poop Slime is so gross, but it’s also colorful and fun!

Make ABC Chewed Gum Slime and gross out your classmates.

Nothing is grosser than moldy bread! Try the Bread Mold Experiment and learn about mold!

These Jello Worms combine science and gross!

Try the Germs Hand Washing Science Experiment and learn just how dirty we all are!

Kids will be disgusted by this realistic Eyeball Slime.

If your class loves zombies, they will have a blast with this Zombie Slime!

Make a Jello Brain without a mold and learn about the inside of your head!

Delight kids with these fun and hands-on gross science experiments and STEM activities. So many gross activities for kids to try!

Make Edible Petri Dish Bacteria!

Try making your own Pickled Monster Eggs.

The Bubbling Eye of Toad Slime looks just like a witch’s potion!

Try this Osmosis Science Experiment and learn about blood and cells.

Icky Science Experiments

These gross STEM activities will be perfect for grossing out kids and teaching science at the same time!

Make your own edible Snot Slime and gross-out the entire class!

Build an Edible Skin Layers Cake for some disgusting science.

Swab different areas of the home or classroom in the Growing Mold and find out which one is the dirtiest!

Try to Mummify a Chicken!

Build a Slime Brain for icky science lessons!

Delight kids with these fun and hands-on gross science experiments and STEM activities. So many gross activities for kids to try!

Set up your own Slug Races.

Make this super fun and gross Eyeball Splat.

Get disgusting with Creep Crawly Bugs.

science fair display board example

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