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10 Ridiculously Fun and Unbelievably Awesome STEM Gifts for Kids

We’ve already found STEM-gift for preschool girls, but today, I wanted to broaden that gift list to include older kids and boys. You’ll find stem gifts for kids on this list suitable for a wide range of science-loving kids.

If you can’t already tell, we love STEM-themed activities.

There is really nothing more fun for our family than to use science, math, engineering, and technology to make awesome things. If we can fit some art in there as well, even better! So that’s why, when creating our STEM gifts, we included these general STEM gift ideas for kids.

Have a scientist in your house? Give them a gift of science for their birthday or Christmas. These STEM gifts for kids are perfect for kids of all ages.

Ridiculously Fun and Unbelievably Awesome STEM Gifts for Kids

Keep reading to find out what we love to give as STEM gifts for kids of all ages! If your kids like science, STEM, engineering, math, or technology, then they will have a blast with these gift ideas.

Get the directions for these science experiments in a jar here!

free science lesson plans

How to Pick a STEM Gift for Elementary Kids

First, pick something based on their interests. No kid wants to do a STEM project at home that they don’t already have an interest in.

Next, think about their age and ability level. Science and STEM should be fun, not frustrating. When in doubt, always go a bit younger rather than older than the age of child.

Next, pick something that looks fun! Maybe something you can do alongside the child you are buying for would be a fun bonding activity!

We love these STEM gifts for elementary kids:

10 Amazing STEM Gifts for Elementary Kids

We love everything on this list, and if we had an endless Christmas budget, you could bet on seeing all of these things in our home in the near future.

Who wouldn’t love a Rubber Band Engineering kit?

This is definitely designed for young kids, but even older kids will have fun with the Osmo Beginning Coding Kit.

We’ve always wanted to make one of these, but I love how this Drawing Robot kit includes everything you need!

I really want to get the Sphero Programmable Robot for my kids. I love that the robot moves how you tell it to.

Every kid needs to make a Classic Potato Clock at least once.

Monkey has been asking for a Rock Tumbler for Christmas this year. She’s just as nerdy as her parents. 🙂

I love this Giant Science Experiment Kit because it has supplies for dozens of projects in one container.

If you have the money to splurge on one gift this year, the LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator  is amazing.

I always wanted the K’Nex Ferris Wheel when I was a kid. Happy to see they still make it!

Teach the basics of logic with this Brain Builders Game.

STEM is not just about technology-oriented stuff. A Woodworking Set fits in perfectly with STEM projects!

My kids would love this Physics for Kids Kit.

Who else had a Lite-Brite as a child? I am happy to see they are making a new version for our kids!

This bioluminescence globe uses biology and science to light up. Super cool.

free science lesson plans

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