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Easy Things to Build with LEGOs (using a Creative Brick Box)

If you enjoy making easy LEGO creations, then you’ll love this idea list of easy things to build with LEGOs!

Keep reading to find several LEGO builds you can put together right now using a basic Creative Brick Box.

Easy things to build with LEGOs using classic bricks! Simple LEGO builds that are easy enough for kids to make. 10+ LEGO project ideas!

What are the Benefits of LEGO?

Playing with LEGO is beneficial for kids for many reasons! Research shows that kids who play with building toys have better spatial awareness as they grow- which leads to an easier understanding of math concepts as they age.

More than that, LEGO bricks are durable and well-made, so there is a lot you can do with it! We often used LEGO as structures and materials for our STEM projects, particularly our engineering activities for kids.

LEGO is also a fun tool to use for bonding with kids in or out of the classroom and helps inspire creativity and imagination.

If you enjoy making easy LEGO creations, then you'll love this idea list of easy things to build with LEGOs!

What You Need for these Easy Things to Build with LEGO

All of these easy LEGO builds are made using the classic LEGO creator set (the large version). You can pick up a set here.

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It’s super cool because it has a lot of unique pieces and you can make a lot of things- even if you don’t like to take apart your LEGO creations after building them.

Plus, it comes with it’s own storage box!

lego challenge cards

Step by Step LEGO Creations

10+ easy LEGO project ideas using classic LEGO bricks! Easy kid-pleasing LEGO builds.

There are so many things you can make with this basic LEGO brick box. Since we love LEGO STEM activities, we like to use our LEGOs to make things like a pull back LEGO car, balloon-powered LEGO car, LEGO boat, LEGO towers, LEGO flowers, (like a LEGO Eifel tower!), and even LEGO cards.

Below, find four of our recent builds that we created using this LEGO brick set.

Watch the videos below to learn how to make each of these easy LEGO creations!

How to Build a LEGO Alligator

The LEGO alligator takes just a few minutes to put together. It’s a super-cute LEGO animal to make with kids who may be younger. It’s the least frustrating build in this set of LEGO activities.

How to Build LEGO Flowers

A LEGO flower is a fun project for kids who may not be as into cars and vehicle. Some of my girls love vehicles, while others would definitely rather be around nature. So, the LEGO flower is a great project for a kiddo who wants to build with LEGO but isn’t interested in transportation.

LEGO Toaster Instructions

The LEGO taoster is definitely the most complicated project on this list, but I wanted to make it because it looks super fun. It turns out, the lever on the toaster really works, and figuring out how to put it together without looking up the official directions was quite the challenge!

But, it was tons of fun to make and my kids and I had a blast putting it together and then playing with it later.

How to Build an Easy LEGO Car

When I was a kid, we often played with LEGO sets like regular toys. Once the sets were built, we used them as sets for our LEGO people adventures. Castle LEGO was our favorite.

But, we did have that inevitable pile of random LEGO. And of course, my go-to creation was a LEGO car.

This version is just a tiny step up from the most basic car you can make from LEGO, but it’s still easy enough for young kids to make alone or with a bit of adult assistance.

lego challenge cards

More Easy LEGO Creations to Try

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