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20 LEGO STEM Activities Young Engineers Will Love!

LEGO bricks are one of those things that continues to stand the test of time!

No matter how many years go by, Easy LEGO creations are still one of the best learning tools and toys for kids to practice building and learn difficult concepts in a fun hands-on way.

We have been using LEGO in the classroom for years to provide fun ways to use up our LEGO, and to put those blocks to use for some cool science, technology, engineering, and math activities (STEM activities for kids).

If you are looking for a fun STEM project to do with your kids, these LEGO STEM activities will not disappoint!

Kids will love these LEGO STEM activities! Explore science, technology, engineering, and math s using classic LEGO bricks!

What You Need for LEGO STEM Activities

LEGO makes it easy to complete STEM activities with their education line and classic bricks. Find our favorite LEGO STEM products below:


Here are some LEGO STEM products you can use in your classroom!

All of these LEGO STEM sets have working, moving parts and are a great way to introduce complete STEM builds and activities to your students.

lego amusement park ride working set

LEGO Amusement Park Ride

lego pinball set

LEGO Pinball Table

lego fairground set

LEGO Expert Fairgrounds Set

lego tecnic mars rover

LEGO Mars Rover

lego amusement park game brick loot

LEGO Carnival Game

simple lego engineering kit

LEGO Simple Engineering Kit

lego space rollar coaster set

LEGO Space Roller Coaster

lego classics lots of bricks

LEGO Classic Lots of Bricks

lego pacman building game

LEGO Pac-Man Game

lego friends technical carnival lego set

LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

lego gear bots klutz

Klutz LEGO Gear Bots

klutz lego race cars

LEGO Klutz Race Cars

simple machines lego kit

Simple Building Machines

lego ferris wheel kit

LEGO Ferris Wheel

lego drones

Flying Drones Building Kit

lego solar powered robot

Solar Robot Building Kit

lego ultimate stunt riders challenge

LEGO Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

We also have a FREE set of LEGO STEM challenge cards that you can use to inspire your STEM activities!

lego challenge cards

LEGO STEM Activities for Kids

Although most of these STEM activities with LEGO include multiple elements of science, technology, engineering, and math, I’ve broken them up into sections with the biggest focus so that it’s easy to find the best LEGO activity for your class!

Although most of these STEM activities with LEGO include multiple elements of science, technology, engineering, and math, I've broken them up into sections with the biggest focus so that it's easy to find the best LEGO STEM activity for your class!

LEGO Science Projects

These science projects all use LEGO! Find even more science experiments with LEGOs here.

Recreate a heart by making a LEGO heart model!

Make a LEGO water cycle out of classic LEGO bricks!

Encourage your kids to do some creative building with this Printable LEGO Challenge Game.

Make your own parachutes with LEGOs in this fun Lego Parachute Coffee Filter Activity.

This activity is inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and is a fun activity to go along with the story! Try the Bartholomew and the Oobleck STEM Activity with LEGO.

Use balloons and LEGOs to make a Balloon Powered LEGO Car that can move in this fun STEM activity.

Challenge your kids to see what kind of Wind Powered LEGO Contraptions that can be made out of LEGO!

LEGO Technology Activities

Technology is awesome, and so is LEGO.

Learn the binary alphabet with these handy LEGO Coding Activities For Kids.

Whether you call it a chain reaction or the domino effect this LEGO Domino Chain Reaction STEM activity is a great way to learn this concept in a fun hands-on way!

Teach your kids the basic concepts of coding with these Simple and Fun Lego Coding Activities.

Can You Design the Best LEGO Boat? If you’re looking for a great STEM project that will also be a crowd-pleaser, your kids will love this fun activity!

LEGO Engineering Challenges

These LEGO engineering challenges are super fun for kids. Get more LEGO engineering challenges here.

Learn How to Make a LEGO Rainbow and use LEGO bricks you already own to make this cool LEGO rainbow.

Use LEGOs to build an awesome LEGO Zip Line Activity you can actually test out in your home!

Combine your child’s favorite stories and LEGOs to make an awesome Storytime LEGO Building Challenge that they will love!

Learn How to Make a DIY Fidget Spinner with LEGOs and use LEGO to create your very own DIY fidget spinner.

Use LEGOs to make a fun fidget cube that your kids can customize and play with! Get How to Make an Epic DIY Lego Fidget Cube.

These easy LEGO STEM challenges use LEGO bricks you probably already own!

LEGO Math Projects

Math is a lot more fun with LEGO!

Combine science and engineering practice in this fun LEGO Pulleys STEM Building Challenge.

Use LEGOs to make math visual and fun with these LEGO Math Challenge Cards.

Teach your kids about the concepts of mass and weight with this easy Build a Genius Lego Balance activity.

lego challenge cards

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