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How to Build a LEGO Mother’s Day Card with Just LEGO Bricks!

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You can build a lot of easy LEGO creations without having to have specific LEGO sets or complicated instructions.

LEGO was meant to be used as a tool for creativity and it is one of our favorite tools to use for engineering activities for kids.

This year, my kids wanted to create a Mother’s Day card for me built out of LEGO, which I didn’t think was possible, but they figured out a way!

This LEGO Mothers Day card is certainly one of the most creative ideas for Mother’s day Cards that I’ve ever seen!

This year, my kids wanted to create a Mother's Day card for me built out of LEGO, which I didn't think was possible, but they figured out a way! This LEGO Mothers Day card is certainly one of the most creative ideas for Mother's day Cards that I've ever seen!

How to Do the LEGO Mother’s Day Card

Follow the directions outlined below to learn how to make your own Mother’s Day card built from LEGO! It’s a super fun STEM activity for kids that will challenge them to think creatively but also stay in design parameters.

How to Make Child Made Mother’s Day Cards Work

The hinges on this card are a bit tricky, so if you do want a child to do it on their own, I suggest this card for kids 8 or older.

Younger kids can make it with assistance, but they will likely get frustrated by the fiddly hinge bit.

Supplies for Your Card Made Out of LEGO

lego challenge cards

You’ll need these bricks for your LEGO card:

The goal of this LEGO card isn’t to recreate it exactly, but inspire kiddos to make their own! So if you don’t have the exact pieces that we used, don’t worry!

Use this tutorial and learn how to make a unique LEGO mothers Day card that she'll remember forever! A fun STEM activity for May!

Use whatever you have to build a unique and special card!

This is what we used:

For the card covers:

  • 2 square baseplates
  • 4 1×2 hinge with holders
  • 4 1×4 hinge with bar
  • 4 1×4 flat tiles

For the heart card:

  • 2 red 2×4 roof tile with 45º angle
  • 4 red 2×4 bricks
  • 1 red 2×2 brick
  • 1 red 1×2 brick
  • 2 red 1×3 bricks

For the message card:

  • 1 black 1×6 plate
  • 2 black 1×4 plates
  • 5 black 1×3 plates
  • 10 black 1×2 plates
  • 3 red 1×4 plates
  • 2 red 1×2 plates
  • 1 vine
  • 1 leaves
  • 1 flower

LEGO Mother’s Day Card Directions

It’s hard to describe the directions with words, but basically, you’re making two flat pieces that will become the card front and back.

Inside the card are the card decorations (which you can customize).

Two hinges hold the card together.

This LEGO Mothers Day card uses mostly flat pieces to give it a real card-like appearance, but if you don’t have pieces that are as flat you can always make a card with just one face and use thicker pieces.

You can also substitute with your own colors that you have.

Follow the photo directions below for step-by-step directions for this LEGO card:

Basically, you can design the front and inside of the card to be whatever design you want. These are the pieces we used to make the heart on the outside of our card.

The tricky part is the hinges.

First you attach the hinges together like this:

Next, you attach the hinges to the card front and back with the anchor pieces like this:

This is what the hinges look like open. Use some anchoring pieces to hold everything in place so the card can open and close smoothly without breaking.

When finished, the hinges will look like this:

I suggest making the hinge part of the card first, that way you can know how much clearance you have for the design and still allow it to open and close like a paper card.

When open, the hinges look like this:

lego challenge cards

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Save this idea for later!