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21 Creative and Cute Kid-Made Mother’s Day Cards

Sometimes you don’t want a huge craft project to do for Mother’s Day, but kids love giving something to their mothers on the holiday. Teachers, daycare providers, grandparents, and dads can help your kids make these simple and cute kid-made Mother’s Day cards. There is no reason to purchase a pre-made card from the store when handmade cards made by the child are 100 times more meaningful to Mom. These creative card ideas are silly, fun, and kids will love making them for their mothers.  These craft projects for kids keeps the holiday simple and meaningful all at the same time.

This Mother's Day, make these creative and cute kid-made Mother's Day cards. Kids will love giving these adorable cards to their moms!

Kids of all ages will find a card they can make from this list, and mom will love getting a Mother’s Day card that is straight from the heart and not from the store! These cards would also be perfect to make for a grandmother, too!

21 Creative and Cute Kid-Made Mother’s Day Cards

mothers day card ideas

Cupcake Liner Flower Card from I Heart Crafty Things.

Bottle Cap Flowers Card from Crafty Morning

“M-udders” Day Card from Crafty Morning

Cupcake Liner Turtle Card from Coffee Cups and Crayons

3D Mom Card from Housing a Forest.

Shower of Love Card from I Heart Crafty Things.

mothers day cards from kids

LEGO Print Flower Card from Toddler Approved.

Rainbow Heart Card from Powerful Mothering.

Fingerprint Flower Card from Crafty Morning.

Fingerprint Firefly Card from Crafty Morning.

Sunshine Card from I Heart Crafty Things.

Handprint Cupcake Card from I Heart Crafty Things.

mother's day cards kids can make

Sequin Flower Card from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Bottlecap Flower Card from Kids Activities Blog.

Tissue Paper Flower Card from Real Life at Home.

Handprint Daffodil Card from Our Little House in the Country.

Neon Flower Card from Motherhood on a Dime.

Button Flower Card from Teach Me Mommy.

kid made mother's day cards

Scrabble Card from Powerful Mothering.

Yarn Heart Card from Red Ted Art.

Rainbow Flower Card from Twitchetts.

mother's day cards for kids

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