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Simple Thanksgiving Science Experiments for the Elementary Classroom

It’s Thanksgiving, which means time for pumpkin pie, history lessons, and football. And if you live at our house, it’s also time for Thanksgiving science experiments!

These Thanksgiving experiments show kids some of the science behind the holiday and are a fun addition to any Thanksgiving STEM activities you do this November and are a fun showcase of creative STEM activities for kids.

Follow along with these projects and you’ll have the best November in your classroom to date!

It's Thanksgiving, which means time for pumpkin pie, history lessons, and football. And  it's also time for Thanksgiving science experiments!

Thanksgiving Science Experiments for the Classroom

You can do these Thanksgiving science activities in the classroom, but you can also do them at home!

Either way, kids will have a lot of fun learning about the science behind the country’s tastiest holiday.

Thanksgiving Science Lesson Plans

thanksgiving science activities

If you’re looking for lesson plans for your science thanksgiving activities, you’ll want to check out these!

These Thanksgiving STEM challenge cards are filled with Thanksgiving-themed STEM challenges and can also be upgraded to a complete set of 40 challenges with instructions.

thanksgiving stem challenges

And these November STEM challenges come complete with worksheets and challenges that work in a classroom setting. Most of the experiments have NGSS alignment.

november stem challenges

Supplies for Thanksgiving Science Activities

Make sure you’ve stocked up on these basic science supplies before starting your Thanksgiving science experiments!

You wouldn’t want to start a Thanksgiving experiment only to find out you’re missing a key ingredient. Always read the supply list before getting started with any Thanksgiving STEM challenge!

Thanksgiving Science Experiments Perfect for the Elementary Classroom

thanksgiving activities science

If you are teaching elementary, then you’ll love these fun Thanksgiving science experiments!

But hey, if you’re a parent or caregiver looking for educational activities to occupy the kids during Thanksgiving break, you’re in the right place!

These hands-on Thanksgiving science projects teach kids a lot about the science surrounding fall and Thanksgiving.

Learn How to Do the Dancing Popcorn Experiment and find out how chemical reactions can be used to move materials from one place to another.

thanksgiving science projects

This Sticky, Oozy Fall Leaf Slime will keep kids occupied for hours on Thanksgiving and can show them a bit of science behind molecular changes.

This Leaf Chromatography Experiment will show kids what colors are hiding in their fall leaves!

Discover How to Make Sparkly Salt Crystal Pumpkins in this salt crystal science lesson.

The Pumpkin Volcano Experiment teaches kids about chemical reactions and how chemical reactions can be used in baking.

Try the Parts of a Pumpkin Density Column Experiment and learn all about the parts of a pumpkin and the pumpkin life cycle.

science thanksgiving activities

Try the Salt Crystal Leaves Science Experiment and learn about ionic bonds.

Try the Bread Mold Experiment and learn about preserving food.

Learn how forces can cause a material to change form when you try the Making Butter Science Experiment.

These Kitchen Science Experiments are uniquely suited to the Thanksgiving kitchen!

Learn how to make salt crystal feathers and make beautiful salt crystal feather decorations for the Thanksgiving table.

This Cranberry Slime Recipe is taste-safe and fun for kids!

Learn about the importance of keeping clean in the kitchen with the hand washing science experiment.

You may also like these Thanksgiving STEM challenges and the November STEAM pack!

thanksgiving stem challenges

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